Jar Incense: Black Copal Resin

Jar Incense: Black Copal Resin

Copal is a term for fragrant resin from a wide variety of trees originating from South America. The term and resins of these trees have spread and are now grown all over the world. This variant is grown in Mexico and the tree belongs to the family burseraceae, as do Palo Santo, Frankincense/Olibanum and Myrrh. Its fragrance is sweet and quite fruity. This Black Copal from the tree Copaifera officinalis is also called Night Copal and is connected to the mysteries of the night. It's also traditionally burned to the dead. The scent is more spicy and heavy than the white variety from the same tree.

This reusable jar contains 3oz of high quality Black Copal resin incense.

To use: Place a few small granules of this fine incense resin on a burning charcoal (also sold in our incense section). Always burn charcoal resin incense in a heat safe dish. We recommend a cast iron cauldron, also sold in our shop.

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