Elephant Lotus Oil Warmer

Elephant Lotus Oil Warmer

This aromatherapy oil heater is made of ceramic in beautiful dual tone. A transition from a crackling blue encompassing a lotus flower to an aqua teal elephant. When an elephant is depicted with the trunk up, it symbolizes the showering of good luck. Protection, wisdom and fertility are the main feng shui energies said to be brought by the symbol of the elephant into any space, be it home or office.

Fill the reservoir with water and add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Light a tea light below, and enjoy a pure, natural fragrance in the home or office. Oil heaters also make excellent incense burners for cones and resins when used on top.

*Always fill the basin portion of oil warmers with water, and add just a few drops of your essential oils to start. You can always add more to adjust the level of scent you require. Always check the warmer to see if it needs more water added. Never let the burner run dry.  

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