Magical Blend

Magical Blend

Here you will find our current Magical Blend offerings of perfume oils, bath salts, incense powders, sprinkling powder and more. Some items are ready to ship, and other items are custom and require time to create.  We can blend and scent your custom order any way you'd like, for any purpose. If you have any questions at all, please email 

*Please note: We do not produce incense sticks and cones between the months of September and March. We only produce sticks and cones during the warmer months of the year. In the meantime, we offer many other beautiful brands of sticks and cones.

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Handmade Incense - Select Your Scent

Handmade, clean burning incense sticks. Sold in packs of 20.Select your scent from the menu. At this..

$3.06 US

Magical Blend - Custom Bath Salt

Are you seeking a custom made bath salt blend? We can create one for you. Our bath salts are crafted..

$7.75 US

Magical Blend - Custom Incense Powder

Are you seeking a custom made incense powder blend? We can create one for you. Our incense powders a..

$6.20 US

Magical Blend - Custom Oil

Are you seeking a custom made magickal perfume? We can create one for you. Our perfume blends are cr..

$6.20 US

Magical Blend - Custom Sprinkle Powder

Sprinkle powders are wonderful for offerings and lightly dusting yourself in preparation for magick!..

$7.75 US

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