Feverfew, 1oz

-20% Feverfew, 1oz

Feverfew is an herb that has long been held in medicinal folklore as possessing great healing virtues, and among these writings it can be found commonly under the names of Crysanthemum Parthenium, Tanacetum parthenium and Pyrethrum Parthenium. For these virtues, as well as its lovely flowers and the pleasant, citrus aroma that its leaves produce, it can often be found in old-styled gardens. As one might guess, Feverfew's most common use in the traditions that speak of it is in reducing and treating fevers, but it is also known for being of fantastic aid in treating those who are afflicted with hysterical complaints, nervousness, low spirits, and a wide variety of other forms of anxiety. Folklore holds that it can also be applied to coughs, wheezing, difficult breathing, and even the sting and swelling of insect bites.

This is a 1 oz packet of cut feverfew.

*Herbs are sold as curios for magickal use only. We do not sell herbs for medicinal or culinary purposes.

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