Swiftlite Charcoal Tablets

Swiftlite Charcoal Tablets

Each roll contains 10 charcoal tablets for incense burning. Use these charcoal tablets with your favorite powder and resin incenses. Opened rolls should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place to ensure quality. Each charcoal disc measures 33mm.

Instructions for burning (you can always come back here once you have your order, and use these instructions). 
1.Always use a heat-safe dish in a well-ventilated area when burning any type of incense.
2. Hold the charcoal disc firmly in the grasp of tongs or other tool that holds it well.
3. Hold the charcoal disc over a candle flame, or use a barbecue lighter to ignite the disc.
4. You will sometimes need to hold the disc over/within the flame for 10 - 15 seconds, until it ignites.
5. The disc may have blueish hot spots once it has been ignited, and that is normal.

---> The charcoal disc may crackle when you're lighting it, and that is why it's very important to have a heat-safe dish to place it in <---

---> Never touch or handle the charcoal disc whilst ignited - it is very hot! Always use a tool to touch it when ignited <---

---> Some people place sand in the heat-dafe dish, underneath the charcoal disc, to act as a buffer for the heat <---

6. Even if the black areas of the disc aren't glowing blue, it is still hot and will still burn the incense.
7. Place the disc in your heat-safe dish, and sprinkle about 1/2 tsp of your chosen incense on top, to start.
8. Never knock what's burnt off the top of the disc to add more, just keep adding more to what's already there.
9. If the charcoal disc extinguishes for some reason, just repeat the lighting process again.
10. To extinguish the hot disc, we recommend having some cauldron sand in a nearby dish, or underneath the disc in your heat safe dish. Bury the charcoal disc under the sand. If you do not have sand, we recommend placing it into some water.

Note: Charcoal discs have a scent of their own, and some people really do not enjoy it. Once you place your incense on the charcoal, you should only smell the incense and not the charcoal itself. If burning loose herbs, always blend with some kind of a resin first. Dry herbs do not burn well on top of a charcoal disc without first having something to adhere and bind to the herb. 

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