Selenite Incense Holder, Tree Of Life

Selenite Incense Holder, Tree Of Life

A beautiful polished piece of Satin Spar Selenite, fashioned into an incense holder for your stick style incense. Etched onto the surface of the holder is a Tree Of Life design, which is hard to capture fully in a photo. It's a beautiful holder that measures approximately 10.5" long.

Satin-spar, a unique form of selenite (a gypsum derivative), is the form most often associated with healing properties. It is mined in Europe and northern Africa, and has been credited with aiding in healing, energy enhancement, mental stimulation, meditation, telepathy and grounding.

Satin-spar selenite, a little-known and underutilized crystal, contains all the positive qualities of quartz crystal’s healing power and protection without any of the negatives. In mythology, it is said to have been a major healing tool, record keeper and energy generator in Atlantis. Whether or not you believe in Atlantis, there is no denying this crystal’s power. Satin-spar selenite is, without a doubt, the healing crystal of the future.

What makes satin-spar so unique is its pearly opalescence and fantastic optic qualities due to built-in capillary fibers. A polished face will actually project an image through to the other side. It is no surprise that a satin-spar selenite wand is often referred to as a light wand.

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