Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal Tea Blends

Handmade teas. Fresh organic herbs, florals and fruits. Each 50 gram bag of tea will provide 15 - 22 cups of healing, centering, balancing tea.

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Beltane Herbal Tea -50%

Beltane Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: This tea will dance you around the maypole. Rejoice as flowers and spices raise your..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Crown Chakra Herbal Tea -50%

Crown Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Align with your higher self with this pure white tea, chosen to help you open your c..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Fairytale Herbal Tea -50%

Fairytale Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A floral tisane inspired by ancient tales. Do the Fair Folk mean you blessings or mi..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Imbolc Herbal Tea -50%

Imbolc Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Awaken the fires of your creativity, with this spicy floral cup.Ingredients: Black t..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Lammas Herbal Tea -50%

Lammas Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Harvest the fruits of your labors with this sunny and bright rooibos.Ingredients: Ro..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Love Potion Herbal Tea -50%

Love Potion Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A cuppa that is meant to be shared, to spark the flames of love between two. Sweet r..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Mabon Herbal Tea -50%

Mabon Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Balance and harvest the energies of the autumnal equinox with this apple and pumpkin..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Ostara Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: All the energies of the awakening and fertile earth of spring await you in this chee..

$11.73 US

Paper Tea Bags, 100 ct -50%

Paper Tea Bags, 100 ct

Natural paper tea bags that are chlorine-free paper fibers that will not taint the flavor of brewed ..

$10.22 US $5.11 US

Root Chakra Herbal Tea -50%

Root Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: A cup of comfort, with familiar notes of bergamot toned down by earthy hojicha, to h..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Sacral Chakra (Navel) Herbal Tea -50%

Sacral Chakra (Navel) Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Stirr up the energies of your navel (sacral) chakra with this warm cup of orange and..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Solar Plexus Herbal Tea -50%

Solar Plexus Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Stoke the flame of your solar plexus chakra with this spicy blend that will help emp..

$11.73 US $5.87 US

Throat Chakra Herbal Tea -50%

Throat Chakra Herbal Tea

Flavor Profile: Open the channels of communication with this soothing mix of mint and flowers. Speak..

$11.73 US $5.87 US