Essential Oil Blend: Essential Smile

-20% Essential Oil Blend: Essential Smile

Essential Smile blend was designed to keep your teeth clean, help to freshen breath and help to keep your mouth clear of disease causing bacteria.

Makes a wonderful treatment for your gums. Has been known to help with gingivitis and other bacterial infections of the mouth. Use 2 drops on a dry toothbrush and rinse well after use. Do not ingest this blend.  This blend is for adults and older children only.

Green Valley Aromatherapy Testimonial: "Thank you for contacting me personally about my recent order. A few weeks later, I had my regular periodontal appointment. At my previous appointment I had a bleeding rate of 30% which caused a lot of concern and talk of special treatments. This time, after using Essential Smile for two weeks or so, the rate was down to 19%. I told my hygenist about using essential oils and she said keep on with it. Very satisfying. Cheers, C. Lonero"

Contains essential oils of: Clove, Marjoram, Myrrh, Origanum, Peppermint and Spearmint in a Coconut Oil base.

Contact your healthcare professional prior to using essential oils.

5ml bottle.

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