Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We're a proud authorized reseller for Green Valley Aromatherapy, a Canadian company.  These oils are pure and therapeutic grade, bottled by licenced and trained Aromatherapists. 

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Essential Oil Blend: 12 Steps

You need a quiet place to meditate, and to visualize where you want to be. Use 12 Steps Essential Oi..


Essential Oil Blend: Acheaway

Acheaway blend incorporates the anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile, the soothing properties o..


Essential Oil Blend: Equilibrium

Equilibrium blend was designed to help women during stressful live changes, as well as for PMS and m..


Essential Oil Blend: Essential Smile

Essential Smile blend was designed to keep your teeth clean, help to freshen breath and help to keep..


Essential Oil Blend: Nurturance

So many people carry a scared, neglected and lonely little child within their spirit. Nurturance ble..


Essential Oil Blend: Road Sense

A note from Green Valley Aromatherapy: "This lovely Road Scents blend came to be as a result of a bu..


Essential Oil Blend: Scents and Sensuality

A warm and inviting aroma to help scent the mood for your romantic evening. Use in a diffuser for a ..


Essential Oil Blend: Silent Night

A note from Green Valley Aromatherapy:  "This blend is a fantastic remedy for snoring! A friend..


Essential Oil Blend: Terminator

A note from Green Valley Aromatherapy: "This blend was originally created for a client of ours who w..


Essential Oil Blend: Transitions

We all know that change is usually a very difficult thing to affect. There is seldom a straight line..


Essential Oil: Aniseed

General Properties of Aniseed Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antiseptic antispasmodic car..


Essential Oil: Chamomile, Roman

NOTE: This is a precious oil, and this price is for a small 2ml bottle.If you'd like this o..


Essential Oil: Eucalyptus

General Properties of Citronella Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antiseptic deodorant inse..


Essential Oil: Fennel

General Properties of Fennel Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antiseptic antispasmodic deto..


Essential Oil: Grapefruit

General Properties of Grapefruit Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antidepressant antiseptic d..


Essential Oil: Lemongrass

General Properties of Lemongrass Essential Oil (5ml bottle) antibacterial antimicrobial..


Essential Oil: Lime

General Properties of Lime Essential Oil  (5ml bottle) antibacterial antiseptic ..


Essential Oil: Marjoram

General Properties of Marjoram Essential Oil (5ml bottle) analgesic anti-inflammatory ..


Essential Oil: Rosemary

General Properties Of Rosemary Essential Oil (5ml bottle) analgesic antiseptic antisp..


Essential Oil: Sandalwood

We only carry Australian Sandalwood, as the other variety from India is now an endangered tree.&nb..


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