Backflow Cone Incense: Sandalwood

Backflow Cone Incense: Sandalwood

Invoking calmness and deep relaxation, Sandalwood has been used for centuries to enhance meditation. It is a favorite of many people around the world, and for good reason. It has a sweet, earthy and grounding scent that is pleasing to most people. It creates a relaxed and calm environment.

Sold in beautiful eco-friendly can with metal lid, holding 24 cones. 

NOTE: Backflow cone incense holders should be placed in a windless environment otherwise the magic of smoke pouring down like a waterfall won’t work. Approximate burning time: 20 minutes in optimum conditions.

All proceeds from the distribution of Goloka brand products are used 100% for charitable activities of ISKCON Bangalore, India. The Akshaya Patra Foundation, for example is an organization that works to eliminate hunger by providing midday meals to 1.7 million underprivileged children every day. 

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