Heart Tone Spray - Peace, 60 ml

Heart Tone Spray - Peace, 60 ml

Heart Tones are created with Alchemy crystal bowls, Jewelled water, Fairy Essences from Ireland and Flower Essences from England and Canada. The purpose of Heart Tones Sound Essence Vibrational Remedies is to open the heart to let the light shine up to the pineal gland to help shift consciousness.

Dissolving fear and making way for love, Peace is a remedy of expansion and awakening. It allows us to experience love as a vital force in our lives and dissipates feelings of separation from self and others. It helps us move beyond ego so we may appreciate others as we appreciate ourselves.

Promoting calm and faith in oneself, Peace activates the thymus gland, helping to effectively handle stress. It enables us to to see ourselves as calm and relaxed in stressful situations. When we feel harmonious and balanced, peace radiates out impacting relationships, communities and the world at large.

Peace reminds us to take a breath; to be still and awaken to our heart's desire. From this place, we are fully available to respond to whatever life presents.

60 ml mist spray.

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