Dead Sea Salt, 2oz

Dead Sea Salt, 2oz

The dead sea is a unique feature of the world. Not only is it a landlocked sea but it contains ten times the salt of any other body of water in the world. What`s more, it is found at the center of the "Holy Land," a region that has given rise to a wide range from the ancient Zoroastrianism and Judaism to Islam and Christianity. The result is a local that shows up often in various mythologies and legends, that has become a popular health spa due to its waters unique properties.

As a result, the salts collected from the Dead Sea have also become popular world wide as part of skin care and curative products. It is widely believed to help stimulate blood circulation when used in baths and soaks, and is often used to aid with common skin ailments such as acne or psoriasis. Many also use it to relieve allergic reactions. Remarkably, dead sea salt has also shown to be of use in treating aging skin, reducing wrinkle depth measurably.

This is a 2 oz packet of Dead Sea Salt.

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