Meet “Ruby” and her adorable friend Fire, a melt-your-heart twosome believed to bring fiery passion to anyone who holds them! Sculpted together in artisan resin, you’ll love every hand-crafted detail from “Ruby’s” sweetly innocent face and streaked flowing hair, to Fire’s pretty painted nails and textured-looking scales. Fancy fairy wings and glitter-touched tutu, pearlescent finishes, silvery metallic accents and faux jewels add extra shimmer. Only 3" high, they fit perfectly inside their little Matchbox Home which features the artist’s dragonling artwork. Her illustrated “J” logo on the front cover lets you know it’s a Jasmine Signature Edition, which you’ll only find on boxes from this collection!

Ruby measures 3" (7.5 cm.) high.

©2010 The Ashton-Drake Galleries

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