Room Diffuser Oil: Palo Santo

Room Diffuser Oil: Palo Santo

Cleanse and purify your space with Palo Santo, which is a fresh, almost eucalyptus/balsam type scent.  Palo Santo has been burned for clearing negative energies for centuries. It is derived from the actual Palo Santo tree.

Green Tree brand incense and oils have made a good name for themselves in the metaphysical community, because the quality of their products is top notch.

This oil is concentrated and was created to use as a ROOM DIFFUSER oil, in a candle warmed burner, or electric diffuser with water.  This oil was not crafted for personal fragrance, but instead to scent your home and sacred space, to create a comforting atmosphere.  

This oil can also be used in car diffusers, or with aroma pendants.  It's just not meant to wear as a body oil.  

10ml bottle.

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