Red Tiger Eye Generator Point

Red Tiger Eye Generator Point

Crystal generator points are often used to direct energies through the apex of a point. These generators make wonderful center focal points for your crystal healing grids and displays. This variety has a cut base. The term cut base means that the point is in its natural shape and only the point has been polished rather than being shaped mechanically. 

Red Tiger Eye is closely related to the well known golden colored Tiger Eye. During the formation of Tiger Eye, the mineral crocidolite is replaced by Quartz while its fibrous structure is preserved. These newly created fibres produce the shimmering eye-like nature, known as chattoyancy. The red colour of this stone is produced when Tiger Eye has been subjected to heat, either naturally or artificially.

As a healing stone, in addition to the usual properties of gold Tiger Eye, red is thought to provide motivation and stimulation.

These pieces are all generally similar, but unique in their own way. Please allow us to choose a piece just for you, with much love. These pieces measure approximately 5 to 9 cm. Some are slightly taller, some are slightly wider. All are stunning.

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