Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle

Rainbow Onyx Mortar & Pestle

A beautiful yet practical kitchen tool used to grind dry spices and herbs. These bowls fit comfortably in the hand and are great for creating small batches of blended spice. Mortar and Pestle sets make great gifts for those who love to cook or barbecue, as you can crush up your own fresh and dried herbs to create unique spice blends.

These unique stoneware pieces, exquisitely hand-crafted from single pieces of metamorphic onyx, are from Balochistan Province in Western Pakistan. Skilled artisans turn solid stone blocks on lathes to create beautiful bowls, plates and other stoneware to support their family and community.

Rainbow onyx is a form of agate and forms mostly in cavities of eruptive rock or lava. The banded structure, with successive layers, displays a variety of colours.

The beautiful polished surface of natural stoneware will stay shiny though the grinding surfaces will dull over time. We recommend cleaning with a damp cloth. No microwave ovens, dishwashers, or chemical detergents please!

Note: We always recommend you have a designated mortar and pestle set that is just for food use, and one that you use exclusively for making resin incenses and other non-food blends.  

4" in diameter. Each set will have unique markings within the onyx stone.

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