Quartz Crystal Pyramid B

Quartz Crystal Pyramid B

Quartz Crystal is great to have for various healing purposes. It's an all around great stand in for any other stone when not available. Promotes clarity of mind, is said to promote protection and strength.  Quartz Crystal is a wonderful all-purpose healing and protection gem that can help align the chakra system and open the user's mind to higher energies during divination.

This amazing Quartz crystal pyramid has good clarity and beautiful natural inclusions throughout.  2.5" x 2.5" (approximate). 

NOTE: This pyramid came to us with slight damage, so we're offering it at a discount. It's still a lovely piece, but has a small blemish to one corner, and a crack, which has not (so far) caused clear break. It seems to still be quite intact.  This doesn't affect the overall function of the healing properties of this beautiful piece.  

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