Hold a gemstone pyramid in your hands, make a wish.  It is said that the pyramid will absorb your good intentions and send them out through the apex towards the sky.  Since ancient times, pyramids have been thought to amplify intentions and energy.  Our pyramids are cleansed with sage regularly in our stock room, along with our other crystals and gems.  Pyramids are wonderful pieces to have in a gemstone collection, and also make great gifts. 
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Aventurine Pyramid

Aventurine is a stone that helps us connect with Nature and remember our roots.  It is a heali..

$15.32 US

Brecciated Jasper Pyramid

Brecciated Jasper is a stone of strength and vitality.  It can be used to bring mental clari..

$15.32 US

Mookaite Gem Pyramid

Mookaite is a stone of Mother Earth that contains sacred earth energies, and ca..

$15.32 US

Rose Quartz Pyramid

Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. This Rose Quartz pyramid can be use..

$15.32 US

Selenite Pyramid

A beautifully smooth palm sized pyramid carving from Morocco in selenite is thought to remove negati..

$6.11 US

Sodalite Pyramid

Sodalite is blue with white streaks, since antiquity the stone sodalite has been known as the stone ..

$15.32 US

Amethyst Pyramid Specimen

This beautiful grade 'A' pyramid has amazing clarity and a pale, lavender purple coloring.  It ..

$38.37 US

Banded Agate Pyramid

This stone pyramid is crafted of natural agate with many bands throughout.  Each pyramid will b..

$7.64 US

Black Obsidian Pyramid

Obsidian is a very protective stone, and is excellent for removing negativity and preventing negat..

$15.32 US

Black Onyx Pyramid

This beautiful Black Onyx pyramid features unique bands of stone that are almost translucent, with s..

$12.25 US

Canadian Moonstone Pyramid

As the name suggests, the Moonstone has been associated with the moon and is highly prized by many p..

$12.29 US

Fluorite Pyramid ~ Self-Confidence, Positivity, Balancing

Fluorite cleanses and stabilises the aura. It absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. An..

$13.02 US

Hypersthene Pyramid

Hypersthene: Mood stabilization and focus. This stone brings us gently into the present time, and he..

$26.84 US

Mini Amethyst Pyramid

These sweet little Amethyst pyramids make great additions to your healing grids and layouts. They're..

$5.76 US

Mookaite Pyramid, 30mm

As a pyramid shape, this Mookaite gemstone projects energies into our immediate environment and look..

$12.25 US

Moss Agate Pyramid

A great way to add the mystical and healing energy of Amethyst to your Green Moss Agate: Enhances co..

$15.32 US

Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Energy Plate - Amethyst

The Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Plate is hand made and the size and placement of pyramids might have slig..

$28.38 US

Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Energy Plate - Golden Quartz

The Nine-Pyramid Feng Shui Plate is hand made and the size and placement of pyramids might have slig..

$24.54 US

Orgone Chakra Pyramid

The seven colors of the chakras have been fused together to harness the attributes and energies of e..

$50.66 US

Orgone Pyramid: Black Tourmaline Flower Of Life

This unique orgone pyramid is made by casting clear resin in a pyramid mold, and adding very special..

$46.05 US

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