Ostara & Easter

Ostara & Easter

Ostara (Spring Equinox) March 20 - 22

Called Ostara after the Saxon Goddess Eostre, this is a time of renewal, regeneration and resurrection as the Earth wakes from her long slumber. This is the time of planting, children, and young animals.
It is the fertility of the Earth that we celebrate, and we symbolize this new life springing from sun and soil with eggs, chicks, lambs, and rabbits (all symbols of the Great Mother). Ostara promises freedom form the dreariness of winters, it heralds the return of hope and dreams.

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Fertility Votive Candle

A blend of herbs and oils to help enhance fertility energies in your life.These beautiful high quali..

$2.72 US

Gemstone Egg Set ~ New Beginnings, Hope, Fertility

Gemstone eggs are often placed on fertility, healing and prosperity altars, as a symbol of new begin..

$32.57 US

Ostara & Easter Resin Incense, Spring Equinox

This beautiful glass jar of resin incense was crafted for the Sabbat of Ostara, the Spring Equinox..

$6.60 US

Quartz Crystal Egg, For New Beginnings & Hope

The symbol of the egg dates back to the dawn of time.  It is a symbol of possibility, hope, ren..

$31.01 US

Septarian Gem Egg ~ Spiritual Journey, Transformation, Ancestral Wisdom

How fitting that we are offering Septarian in egg form, as Septarian is also known as Dragon's Egg..

$15.49 US

Spring Equinox Incense & Oil Set

Use the anointing oil to anoint the altar, candles, your body, and any symbols of the season used in..

$11.61 US

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