Tarot Card Decks

Tarot Card Decks

Tarot cards have been used for hundreds of years by people of all walks of life, although the first Tarot deck was thought to have originated in ancient Egypt.  Oracle cards are very similar to Tarot, and work much the same.  Tarot and Oracle cards are wonderful tools for self-discovery and insight into your life, as well as the lives of those you may read for.  If you have any questions, or a special deck request, please email us.

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Albano Waite Tarot Deck - Waite

Reprint of the 78-card tarot deck published in 1968 and based on Pamela Colman Smith's designs.See a..

$23.25 US

Alchemy 1977 England Tarot Deck

Alchemy 1977 is famous around the globe for their stunning gothic artwork and steampunk accessories...

$26.65 US

Anime Tarot Deck and Guidebook - McCalla Ann

Unleash your hidden power with this exquisitely illustrated tarot deck celebrating the dynamic world..

$25.91 US

Anne Stokes Gothic Tarot Deck

New Gothic Tarot by British Fantasy Artist Anne Stokes.''I'm really excited that today my new Gothic..

$26.65 US

Anne Stokes Legends Tarot - Anne Stokes

Born from the union of love and sensuality, the Anne Stokes Legends Tarot opens new doorways to embr..

$26.65 US

Beautiful Creatures Tarot, 2nd Edition

In this revised and updated version of Beautiful Creatures Tarot, visit a mystical and exotic world ..

$35.83 US

Black & White Rider-Waite Tarot Deck - Jody Boginski Barbessi

The Black & White Rider-Waite Tarot features the line artwork and hand-drawn titles created in 1..

$26.65 US

Celtic Dragon Tarot Kit

Dig into ancient Celtic lore as your magic and divinations bask in the fiery breath of The Celtic Dr..

$36.56 US

Christmas Tarot Deck

For those who love the holiday classic A Christmas Carol, embark on a journey of discovery through t..

$26.68 US

Chrysalis Tarot Deck

Chrysalis Tarot opens up your psyche and illuminates your path toward personal destiny. Exquisitely ..

$23.25 US

Classic Rider Waite Smith Tarot - A E Waite

This beautiful lidded box contains the influential and popular Rider Waite Smith tarot deck along wi..

$19.78 US

Create Your Own Tarot Cards - Hawthorne Adrianne / Reed Theresa

Learn about the art of reading tarot cards, and then paint your own colorful deck! This step-by-step..

$22.86 US

Crow Tarot Pocket Edition - MJ Cullinane

Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the v..

$24.78 US

Dark Fairytale Tarot Deck

Prepare to be seduced by the tantalizing and irresistible fairy realm. Gorgeously rendered and charg..

$25.12 US

Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition - P Valenza

Deviant Moon Tarot explores the dark side of the subconscious with haunting surreal imagery. Stylize..

$23.25 US

Disney Alice in Wonderland Tarot Deck - Minerva Siegel

Let Alice, the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts guide your tarot practice with this beautiful..

$25.91 US

Dragon Tarot Deck - Nigel Suckling

The mysteries of the tarot and the legend of dragons come together in this stunning box set, includi..

$21.31 US

Dragon Tarot Deck - P Pracownik

Dragon Tarot represents the fulfillment of centuries of research into symbolism by mystics from the ..

$23.25 US

Dreamkeepers Tarot

The intriguing imagery of Dreamkeepers Tarot represents years of Liz Huston's journey of personal gr..

$30.88 US

Dungeons & Dragons Tarot Deck

This officially licensed tarot deck pays homage to the lore of Dungeons & Dragons by pairing..

$25.91 US

Egyptian Tarot Deck - S Alasia

Amazingly detailed and gracefully beautiful, Alasia's tempera-on-papyrus paintings meld the stunning..

$25.12 US

Egyptian Tarot Mini - Pietro Alligo

Now available as a mini deck! Each little card showcases tempera-on-papyrus paintings by Silvana Ala..

$16.73 US

Enchanted Tarot, Zerner & Farber

With 78 stunningly beautiful tarot cards (3.3" × 6.5"), a 208-page book, and a velvet tarot..

$29.73 US

Everyday Witch Tarot

A fun, practical, easy-to-use deck for every witch. Charming images pair with simple explanations ..

$34.30 US

Fairy Lights Tarot Deck - Lo Scarabeo

The poetic art of Lucia Mattioli sings in this unique and imaginative tarot. Each card is part of a ..

$25.12 US

Fairy Tarot deck - A Lupatelli

A perfect blend of whimsy and depth, The Fairy Tarot will charm you with their enchanting images and..

$25.12 US

Fenestra Tarot Deck - Chatriya

Thai artist, Chatriya has creatively fused traditional tarot symbolism with elements from her own cu..

$24.02 US

Folklore Tarot - Rowan Ortins

Inspired by rich mythological traditions, Folklore Tarot presents deep universal truths about the na..

$26.65 US

Forest of Enchantment Tarot

Once you step into the magical wood, your life, and your spirit, will never be the same. Experience ..

$34.27 US

Gill Tarot Deck (New Edition) - Elizabeth Josephine Gill

The Gill Tarot, with stunning full pictorial art by Elizabeth Josephine Gill, enables readers to acc..

$23.25 US

Glow In The Dark Tarot - Pamela Colman Smith

Glow in the Dark Tarot is based on Pamela Colman Smith's beloved Rider-Waite Tarot artwork and featu..

$26.65 US

Gold & Black Tarot Deck

Discover a deck with a whole new approach to color and design with the Black & Gold Tarot. Ba..

$38.08 US

Golden Art Nouveau Tarot Mini - Giulia F. Massaglia

Printed on premium black-core cardstock, this fun new mini-edition of the bestselling Golden Art Nou..

$15.21 US

Green Witch Tarot

Enter the world of the green witch, where vivid imagery helps you align with the elements, natural e..

$34.27 US

Grimalkin's Curious Cats Tarot - MJ Cullinane

From the creator of the Crow Tarot, a richly illustrated 80-card tarot deck and guidebook perfect fo..

$30.49 US

Halloween Tarot Deck

Follow the black cat through the Halloween Tarot! The artwork conjures up all that's fun about Hallo..

$23.25 US

Halloween Tarot Deck/Book Set

You don't have to wait until October 31 to jump into the festive, spooky world of Halloween. You ca..

$33.93 US

Harmonious Tarot Mini Deck

This fun mini-edition of the bestselling Harmonious Tarot is perfect for on-the-go readings. Small e..

$15.21 US

Herbal Tarot Deck - M Tierra

On each card, a different herb is pictured and identified.A customer review:"Please let me tell you ..

$23.25 US

Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot - Linzi Silverman

Let the Divine Feminine guide your tarot practice with this non-gilded special edition deck and co..

$30.46 US

Jack-O'-Lantern Tarot - Rachel - Costa Paul

Gorgeous rich colours and perfectly rendered compositions are sure to make this one of the most popu..

$26.65 US

Labyrinth Tarot Deck and Guidebook - Minerva Siegel

Let Jareth, Sarah, Hoggle, and other beloved characters from Jim Henson's Labyrinth guide your ..

$25.91 US

Linestrider Tarot

The Linestrider Tarot dances on the edge of magic and logic, animal and human, the conscious and unc..

$26.65 US

Linestrider Tarot Mini - Thompson

Spun with soft strokes of vibrant color and intricate detail, Linestrider Tarot Mini features gentle..

$12.95 US

Llewellyn's Classic Tarot

Drawing classic symbolism and meaning from the world's most popular tarot deck, Llewellyn's Classic ..

$34.30 US

Llewellyn's Classic Tarot Mini - Barbara & Smith Moore

A Fabulous Mini Edition of a Bestselling Tarot Deck Drawing classic symbolism and meaning from the ..

$12.95 US

Lord of the Rings Tarot Deck and Guide, The - Casey Gilly

Let Frodo, Sam, Gandalf, and other beloved inhabitants of Middle-earth guide your tarot practice w..

$28.20 US

Luna Sol Tarot - Darren Shill

A sweet and hopeful tarot by Liminal 11 co-founders Mike Medaglia and Darren Shill. The Luna Sol is ..

$28.59 US

Magical Dogs Tarot

Unleash the Power of the Arcane CaninesDogs bring a special kind of magic into our lives with their ..

$32.01 US

Mind's Eye Tarot - Olivia Rose

The Mind's Eye Tarot invites you to embark on an adventure of the spirit, allowing your imagination ..

$28.78 US

Morgan-Greer Tarot In a Tin

This uniquely expressive deck features magical imagery presented in deep, saturated colors. The bord..

$21.31 US

Murder of Crows Tarot

As an omen bringer, messenger, and scavenger, the crow has no master. It brings you the answers you ..

$28.17 US

Mystic Faerie Tarot Deck & Book Set

An Enchanting Faerie TarotImagine yourself in a long-forgotten garden. The grass shimmers and whispe..

$34.30 US

Mystic Mondays Tarot Set

This vibrant tarot deck, featuring bright artwork, holographic card edges, and foil exterior, offers..

$28.17 US

Napo Tarot Deck - B Lopez

This 78-card tarot deck was created to remind us of our connection to the Cosmos. The inspiration fo..

$23.60 US

Nature Spirit Tarot

A vibrant 78-card Tarot deck and guidebook featuring flora, fauna, and esoteric symbols- Includes th..

$33.54 US

Nightmare Before Christmas Tarot Deck and Guidebook Gift Set

Let the spooky citizens of Halloween Town guide your tarot practice with this sumptuously illust..

$45.74 US

Orien's Animal Tarot - Ambi Sun

A perfect deck for tarot readers, art enthusiasts, and animal lovers. This animal-themed tarot card ..

$31.98 US

Ostara Tarot - Morgan Applejohn

The Vernal equinox, Ostara, wakes the city after winter. Through 78 stunning Tarot cards and an acco..

$25.15 US

Phantasma Tarot - Paulina Fae

Phantasma Tarot draws you into the colorful world of daydreams and magical visions, where kindred ..

$24.78 US

Phantomwise Tarot - Erin Morgenstern

A fantastical 78-card tarot deck and guidebook hand-painted by the award-winning author of the spell..

$25.91 US

Practical Tarot Wisdom - Arwen Lynch

Miniature versions of the 78 Radiant Rider-Waite cards are paired with simple, down-to-earth tarot g..

$20.20 US

Radiant Rider-Waite IN A TIN - Pamela Smith

The brilliantly colored tarot deck that has been popular for decades is now presented in a charming ..

$21.31 US

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck

A vibrant recolored version of the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck. This fully illustrated 78-card..

$23.25 US

Radiant Tarot Deck Set

A joyfully quirky and colorful fine-art tarot deck and guidebook focusing on awakening creativity as..

$41.93 US

Radiant Wise Spirit - Mini Deck

This fun mini-edition of the bestselling Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot is perfect for on-the-go readings..

$15.21 US

Ravyness Drakon Tarot - Beth Seilonen

Sometimes people walk into our lives. Sometimes they fly in upon a dragon's wing. This is the love s..

$32.78 US

Reflective Tarot - Rider Waite

Printed on luminescent holographic cards, this shimmering tarot deck accentuates the vibrant colors ..

$24.36 US

Rider Waite Giant Tarot Deck - Waite / Smith

The Rider Waite Tarot that everyone has come to appreciate and love, in GIANT form. These cards are ..

$28.59 US

Rider Waite Miniature Tarot Deck - Waite / Smith

Miniature Rider Waite Tarot Deck By: Waite / Smith Publisher: U.S. Games Systems, Inc. ISBN-10: 0..

$17.15 US

Rider Waite ORIGINAL Tarot Pack

The deck and book set comes with the Rider-Waite Tarot deck by Pamela Colman Smith with original Tud..

$27.83 US

Rider Waite Playing Card Deck

This unique 78-card poker deck features Rider-Waite Tarot images. The deck includes 22 Major Arcana,..

$24.36 US

Rider Waite Pocket Tarot Deck - Waite / Smith

The world's most popular tarot deck! This classic deck has long been a favourite of beginners as wel..

$21.31 US

Rider Waite PREMIER ED - Waite / Smith

In 1909, artist Pamela Coleman Smith, under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite, created an innovat..

$28.93 US

Rider Waite Tarot Deck - Waite / Smith

In 1909, artist Pamela Coleman Smith, under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite, created an innovat..

$23.25 US

Rider-Waite Tarot Deck - 100% Plastic - Pamela Colman Smith

100% plastic tarot cards are durable, resistant to bending, easy to shuffle and can last up to 50 ti..

$27.83 US

Rose Tarot - Nigel Jackson

This elegant deck is unique in the simplicity of its linework combined with the richness of its symb..

$34.30 US

Scorpio Sea Tarot - Maggie & Cynova Stiefvater

From Maggie Stiefvater#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Scorpio Races comes a new tarot de..

$34.30 US

Scratch & Create Magical Tarot - Marenthe Otten

Scratch & Create Magical Tarot provides a complete 78-card tarot deck - just gently separate the..

$19.81 US

Secret Tarot - M Nizzoli

Every card in The Secret Tarots has its own soul and a voice that whispers forgotten things to the h..

$25.12 US

Smith-Waite Centennial Deck - Pamela Coleman Smith

The Smith-Waite Centennial Tarot Deck is a faithful reproduction of the original deck created by Pam..

$25.54 US

Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Borderless - Pamela Colman Smith

Pamela Colman Smith's beloved tarot artwork, created in 1909 under the direction of Arthur E. Wait..

$25.54 US

Soul Cats Tarot Set

Rediscover your passion for play, your sense of adventure, and your capacity for love with help ..

$34.30 US

Spiritsong Tarot Set

This Spiritsong deck is a melding of two traditions of divination: one in which animals are seen as ..

$25.54 US

Steampunk Tarot Mini - Moore

A Fabulous Mini Edition of a Bestselling Tarot DeckWhere the past and future converge...With a turn ..

$12.95 US

Stranger Things Tarot Deck and Guidebook

Let Eleven, Jim Hopper, and other beloved residents of Hawkins, Indiana guide your tarot practice ..

$28.20 US

Tarot Art Nouveau deck - A Castelli

These cards are alive with movement-the delicate curves, the sweeping lines, the bright yet gentle c..

$25.12 US

Tarot de Maria Celia IN A TIN - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso

Popular tarot artist Lynyrd-Jym Narciso has focused his creative talents on modernizing Marseilles T..

$20.20 US

Tarot Draconis - Davide Corsi

Embodying all the magic and primitive purity of the mighty winged beasts, Davide Corsi's bold dragon..

$25.12 US

Tarot for all Ages - Elizabeth Haidle

Tarot For All Ages is one of the first tarot decks aimed at a younger audience.Tarot for all Ages co..

$20.58 US

Tarot for Kids - Theresa Reed

A tarot deck featuring 78 beautifully illustrated cards and a 96-page guidebook that teaches kids ab..

$19.05 US

Tarot Gold & Black Edition

Following the success of the Tarot Black & Gold Edition, this stunning deck reverses the process..

$41.89 US

Tarot in Wonderland Cards & Book Set

A Tarot Experience of Curious DelightsWelcome to Wonderland, where the air sparkles with revelation ..

$32.01 US

Tarot Made Easy - Set

A fantastic new tarot kit for absolute beginners. With a beautiful deck created by artist Eugene Smi..

$22.86 US

Tarot Nefertari - S Alasia

Nefertari, the bride of Ramses II, assisted her husband in the temporal ruling of Egypt. During ..

$53.33 US

Tarot of Dragons - Shawn - Solhan MacKenzie

Dragons are legend incarnate. They are keepers of ancient lore and trusted guides to the mystical wa..

$34.30 US

Tarot of Druids - B Vigna

This deck is based on the collectible Major Arcana deck, Tarot of the Celts by Lupatelli. Bepi Vigna..

$25.12 US

Tarot of Enchanted Dreams

Step into the fantasy world of dreams and fairy tales in this charming and traditional deck. Design..

$37.35 US

Tarot Of Familiars - Lisa Parker

From the artwork of world-renowned fantasy artist Lisa Parker, Tarot Familiars is a deck of charm, m..

$26.65 US

Tarot of Mystical Moments - Catrin Welz-Stein

Popular inspirational artist Catrin Welz-Stein has created a magical tarot deck in her signature col..

$27.83 US