Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck/Set - Katherine Skaggs

Mythical Goddess Tarot Deck/Set - Katherine Skaggs

Author Sage Holloway with Artist Katherine Skaggs

78-card tarot deck with full color 128-page guidebook

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is here to assist you in realizing your Sacred Feminine essence, providing direct access to the Goddess through her many faces. These beautiful images are portals into dimensions of power and support. This easy-to-use tarot deck will bring joyful transformation to you and your world whether you are a beginner or a seasoned tarot reader

“The Mythical Goddess Tarot … gives us the ancient future — universal myths or stories of the deep feminine principle with new inspiration and hope that guide us toward a life of peace and love. Brilliantly painted, these compelling cards activate the wisdom of the ages embodied in our human unconscious. Now is the time for allowing these pulsing archetypal symbols to make magic, the bloodstream of the universe.” — James Wanless, author of the Voyager Tarot

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