Citrine Pendulum

Citrine Pendulum

Citrine, from Brazil, is a powerful healing quartz. It shows a range of translucent colors from sunny yellow to brown. Good for solar plexus; mental & emotional clarity, problem solving, memory, willpower, optimism, joy, confidence, and self-discipline. Reduces anxiety, fear, depression, stomach tension, food disorders, and allergies. Enhances body's healing system and tissue regeneration. Attracts abundance and the ability to manifest.

Beautiful and useful too! Pendulums are used much the same way as applied kinesiology or muscle testing to help determine the answer to a question.

Citrine: Self-esteem, confidence, restores a youthful outlook, weight loss, prosperity, self-esteem, great to keep with other stones to keep them charged and cleansed, as it is said that Citrine never needs cleansing.  You can see why Citrine makes a wonderful pendulum for healing work, dowsing, divination and more! 





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