Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle card decks are similar to Tarot in their use, but are a divination tool all their own.  Each oracle deck varies depending on the author, artist and publisher.  Oracle decks can be purchased in almost every theme imaginable.  We offer a selection of oracle card decks for those looking for a Spiritual card deck that isn't as structured as traditional Tarot, in a wide variety of Spiritual, Fantasy, and Metaphysical themes.  If there is a deck you're seeking, let us know - we can probably acquire it for you.

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A Compendium of Witches - Natasa Ilincic

Filled with the prophetic guidance of witches and wise women of old, this beautifully illustrated or..

$39.61 US

Aether Creatures Oracle Cards - Teal Swan

An illustrated deck from spiritual leader Teal Swan which allows the user to work with creatures t..

$23.60 US

Affirmations of the Fairy Cats Deck and Book Set - Brenda June Saydak

Deep in the forest lies a hidden magical world where limitless joys await you. This peaceful healing..

$24.78 US

Alice: The Wonderland Oracle - Cavendish

Welcome to this whimsical, thoroughly delightful oracle filled with the wit and wisdom of Wonderland..

$27.41 US

All-Seeing Heart Oracle - Saira Hunjan

A gorgeous luxury deck with stunning heart illustrations by visionary artist Saira Hunjan.This ..

$20.55 US

Ancient Animal Wisdom: Deck & Book Set - Stacy James

Ancient Animal Wisdom oracle set brings the energy and insight of 38 different African animal spirit..

$23.60 US

Angel Connections: 40 Message Cards - Lynn Araujo

The Angel Connections deck provides 40 ways to recognize and interpret the signs of angels all aroun..

$14.11 US

Angel Guide Oracle - Kyle Gray

From bestselling angel author, this oracle deck reminds spiritual seekers that loving, divine gu..

$19.82 US

Angelic Lightwork Healing Oracle - Fairchild

Receive divine blessings, sacred guidance, and healing energy from the archangels with this phe..

$30.46 US

Angels & Auras Oracle - Radleigh Valentine

Receive divine guidance, decode auras, and weave healing color energy into your spiritual pract..

$22.11 US

Angels and Ancestors Pocket Oracle Cards - Kyle Gray


$18.29 US

Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle

Imagine a landscape of lush forests and majestic mountains inhabited by dragons, faeries and unicorn..

$25.89 US

Anubis Oracle Set

The Anubis Oracle is a shamanic guide to inner Egypt, where archetypal deities and elemental spirits..

$32.03 US

Archangel Fire Oracle - Alexandra Wenman

A full-color oracle deck and guidebook to engage directly with the Archangels and initiate a power..

$24.02 US

Astral Realms Crystal Oracle - Dark Moon Crystals

A beautiful oracle that will expand your knowledge of crystal healing, astrology, and energetic cent..

$23.60 US

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards - Elisabeth & Klement Jensen

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards give you the power to see and change your future. These 44 cards an..

$24.36 US

Awakened Dreamer Oracle Cards - Kelly Sullivan Walden

Bestselling author Kelly Sullivan Walden brings you 55 rousing messages to support, nudge, and inspi..

$23.60 US

Barbieri Unicorns Oracle - Paolo & Paul Barbieri

The magnificent essence of the unicorn soars into your inner spirit with the Barbieri Unicorns Oracl..

$21.31 US

Beautiful Creatures Tarot, 2nd Edition

In this revised and updated version of Beautiful Creatures Tarot, visit a mystical and exotic world ..

$35.83 US

Beyond Lemuria Oracle Cards - Izzy Ivy

New-Earth Codes and Wisdoms For Our Ancient FutureTransform shadow into light, bridge duality and in..

$27.41 US

Blue Angel Oracle - Toni Carmine Salerno

Archangel Michael is here as your loving protector and guide. Journey with his presence to experienc..

$30.46 US

Bob Ross Oracle - Michelle Witte

Gorgeously Illustrated: Each of the 40 cards in this oracle deck is vibrantly illustrated with origi..

$19.83 US

Bohemian Animal Tarot

With beautiful illustrations by a renowned artist, this book and card boxed set, presented in a magn..

$32.75 US

Carry Me Crystals - Chakra Clearing & Oracle Card Deck

Gems are precious and each one can assist you on a spectacular journey to enlightenment. But what if..

$26.68 US

Cat Gurus Cards - Mister Peebles

Be guided and inspired by the world's favourite felines with this fabulous set of advice cards.Money..

$17.16 US

Celtic Astrology Oracle - Lunaea - Castelli Weatherstone

The breathtaking Celtic Astrology Oracle blends imagery from Celtic spiritual lore with powerful dec..

$21.31 US

Celtic Goddess Oracle Deck - Gillian Kemp

The Celtic goddesses and druids were legendary beings. Now these heavenly spirits have personal rela..

$24.39 US

Celtic Spirit Oracle - Nicola McIntosh

The Celtic Spirit Oracle channels the ancient wisdom of the Elemental beings to help aid your spirit..

$26.65 US

Chakra Energy Deck - Olivia Miller

Explore the healing power of awakening your chakras with this informative deck from the bestselling..

$21.31 US

Chakra Love Cards: Raise Your Crystal Vibrations

Your seven chakras are energetic centers of power and wisdom that influence all aspects of your life..

$13.69 US

Chakra Meditation Oracle - Zanellato

Tap into the astonishing powers of the chakras for remarkable insights and guidance on your journey ..

$21.31 US

Children's Spirit Animal Cards - Steven Farmer

Winner of five national awards, these simple yet powerful Children's Spirit Animal Cards by internat..

$19.79 US

Citadel : A Fantasy Oracle - Inkwright Fez

At the top of a cliff stands a city. White stone walls gleam in the sun, and banners snap lazily in ..

$29.73 US

Clairvoyant Reading Cards - Elaine Marson

A beautiful oracle card set based upon the book You Are Clairvoyant. All 36 oracle cards are beautif..

$26.65 US

Conjure Cards - Jake Richards

A unique divination deck based on the authentic backwoods traditions, folklore, and superstitions of..

$26.65 US

Cosmic Dancer Oracle - Tess & Soulfire Whitehurst

Dance has always been integral to the human experience. Principles of the Cosmic Dance are present i..

$27.41 US

Cosmic Journey Oracle - Yanik Silver

Uncover the mystical messages from the Universe and tap into your own inner wisdom with The Cosmic J..

$22.87 US

Creature Teacher Oracle Cards for Kids - Scott Alexander King

Drawing on author Scott Alexander King’s experiences as a child, father, school teacher and mentor..

$38.85 US

Crystal Connections Message Cards - Adam Barralet

Mother Nature communicates to us in many ways, lovingly guiding us through our lives. The messages f..

$29.73 US

Crystal Grid Oracle - Deluxe Edition - Nicola McIntosh

Following the success of the first Crystal Grid Oracle, the Deluxe Edition has 72 cards including bo..

$28.94 US

Crystal Grid Oracle - Nicola McIntosh

The Crystal Grid Oracle, a tool to aid spiritual growth, will change the way you use and work with c..

$24.36 US

Crystal Healing Card Deck - Uma Silbey

Tap into the healing power of crystals with 64 beautifully illustrated cards in The Crystal Healing ..

$19.82 US

Crystal Oracle (new edition) - Salerno

Let your heart be lightened and your spirit blessed by the magic, wonder, and wisdom of crystals in ..

$27.41 US

Crystal Reading Cards - Rachelle Charman

With this unique oracle deck, you can harness the power of crystals for healing, divination, and tra..

$28.59 US

Crystal Spirits Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid offers a vibr..

$34.31 US

Crystal Wisdom Inspiration Cards - Rachelle Charman

Crystal Wisdom is a deck of inspirational mini-cards, capturing the beauty and wisdom of our Earth's..

$13.69 US

Crystals for Beginners - Judy Hall

Get to know healing crystals with this beginner-friendly deck. Learn about the fifty most popul..

$22.11 US

Daily Crystal Inspiration - Heather Askinosie

Tap into your crystal intuition with this 52-card oracle deck for transformation and inspiration in ..

$28.21 US

Daily Magic Deck - Toll Maia

Tap into your intuition and discover the magic all around you in this mini deck of mystical inspirat..

$12.58 US

Dark Magick Oracle - Fiona - Abella Horne

A shadow deck that addresses the darker and more challenging aspects of life, helping to reveal the ..

$26.65 US

Disney Princess Affirmation Cards

Start the day focused on mindfulness, inner beauty, and positive thinking with 52 beautifully-illust..

$20.58 US

Divine Abundance Oracle Cards - Tosha Silver

From the author of Outrageous Openness and It's Not Your Money, a new oracle deck to help you access..

$22.11 US

Divine Animals Oracle - Stacey Demarco

The voices and energy of our animal kin have always been a part of our human experience, across most..

$26.65 US

Divine Beloved Oracle Cards - Tosha Silver

Invite the Divine into your life and tap the hidden power of spiritual surrender with this oracle de..

$22.11 US

Divine Circus Oracle - Alana Fairchild

Within you there's a free spirit that refuses to be defined by social stereotypes and believes it's ..

$27.41 US

Divine Directions - Jade Sky

This beautiful set of 40 inspirational cards can give you the simple, direct answers you need to gui..

$13.69 US

Divine Nature Oracle Deck & Book Set - Angi Sullins

Can you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? You were born golden, and..

$28.94 US

Dragon Magick Affirmation Deck - Lucy Cavendish

Dragons are wise, strong, protective beings, whose guidance was sought after for thousands of years...

$23.60 US

Dragon Oracle Cards - Diana Cooper

A beautiful and unique 44-card deck and guidebook, featuring earth, air, fire and water dragons to a..

$22.87 US

Dragon Path Oracle Cards - Caroline Mitchell

A unique oracle deck to channel the energy and insight of the 33 powerful dragon guides revealed ove..

$19.79 US

Dragon Tarot Deck - Nigel Suckling

The mysteries of the tarot and the legend of dragons come together in this stunning box set, includi..

$21.31 US

Dragon Wisdom Deck - Christine Arana & Kostka Fader

A hands-on way to connect with the wisdom, love, and magic of dragons • Each of the 43 cards featu..

$19.06 US

Dream Weaver's Oracle - Colette Baron-Reid

Reveal the threads of fate and weave your dreams into the fabric of reality with this oracle deck th..

$25.92 US

Druid Wisdom Deck - Andres Engracia

Musings and inspirations from the Druidic landscape of England, Scotland, and Wales.Druid Wisdom i..

$13.69 US

Earth & Bone Oracle - Sirian Shadow

The combination of the illustrated skulls and nature is both beautiful and somber, highlighting the ..

$26.65 US

Earth Alchemy Oracle Card Deck - Katie-Jane Wright

A beautifully illustrated card deck helping to bring a deep connection to the magic beneat..

$20.58 US

Earth Blessings Oracle Cards - Dean Liz

Whether we forage in wild places, wander by riversides or sit quietly beneath a tree, our longi..

$19.82 US

Earth Force Insight Cards - Sue Lion

68 cards, 2.125" x 2.125". Connect with your big power in small ways. Meaningful affirmations on eac..

$14.45 US

Earth Warriors Oracle - Alana & Bryna Fairchild

A new world is being born. It is founded upon love and higher consciousness, instead of fear, hate, ..

$25.12 US

Earth Wisdom Oracle - Cristina Scagliotti

With a wholly original approach to rendering the play of shadow and light, the Earth Wisdom Oracle i..

$19.02 US

Egyptian Gods Oracle Cards - Silvana Alasia

Utilizing a similar tempera-on-papyrus style that she used to create the Egyptian Tarot, illustra..

$21.31 US

Egyptian Lenormand

This insightful Lenormand system of divination includes 37 beautiful cards consisting of imagery cha..

$32.02 US

Egyptian Star Oracle - Travis McHenry

The Egyptian Star Oracle is the first of its kind: an oracle deck that uses only authentic Egyptian ..

$31.99 US

Emotional First Aid Kit - Emma Hepburn

*This box may not contain band aids or antiseptic wipes but it is ready to deliver some urgent car..

$22.87 US

Enchanted Heart - Alana - Longhurst Fairchild

Uplift your soul with vibrant imagery and gorgeous guidance. Featuring 44 heart-shaped cards and an ..

$27.41 US

Enchanted Oracle Deck by Jessica Galbreth

Enter an enchanted world filled with faeries, goddesses, and sorceresses; a magical world of possibi..

$29.73 US

Enchanted Soul Affirmation Cards - Nick Bibes

Affirmations for Transformation and AwakeningThrough the beautifully designed Enchanted Soul Affirma..

$20.97 US

Enchanted Spell Oracle Book/Cards

Use your intuition and be guided by the natural wisdom of the medieval world with these 36 illuminat..

$23.60 US

Enchanted Unicorn Oracle - Priestess Moon

Enter the legendary world of enchanted unicorns! These mythical creatures make powerful spirit guide..

$24.36 US

Energy and Spirit Oracle - Sandra Anne Taylor

With the messages of this oracle, you can combine your personal energy with the power of Spirit ..

$22.87 US

Energy Oracle Cards - Sandra Taylor

The Energy Oracle Cards are designed to reveal both the present energy you project and the results y..

$22.11 US

Enlighten Up Card Deck Boxed Set - Andrea Smith

Whatever answer you're looking for, whatever inspiration you need in this moment, the Enlighten Up C..

$21.31 US

Essential Oils and Gemstone Guardians Cards - Margaret Ann Lembo

A deck to help you amplify your intentions with aromatherapy oils and vibrationally matching crystal..

$19.06 US

Eternal Light Deck - Toni Carmine Salerno

Your timeless self is waiting to connect with you. You are never alone. You are guided, much loved a..

$23.60 US

Faeries' Oracle - B Froud


$27.44 US

Faery Blessing Cards - Lucy & Brown Cavendish

Are you ready to reclaim the blessings of magick, wonder and nature? Faeries are ancient, powerful ..

$25.12 US

Faery Godmother Oracle Cards

Experience the wisdom of your very own faery godmother, and discover the little spark of joy that ..

$25.16 US

Faery Magic Message Cards - Sharon McLeod

The Faery Magic Message Cards offer access to the realm of the faeries and elemental beings. Calling..

$29.73 US

Faery Temple Oracle - Suzy - Karron Cherub

With a sprinkle of possibility, a shimmer of starshine, and a whisper of wonder, faery magic is read..

$27.41 US

Faery Whispers Affirmation Deck - Lucy Cavendish

I do believe in faeries! I do, I do! Faeries are delightful, loving nature spirits and they wish to ..

$23.60 US

Fairies Oracle Deck and Guidebook - Eugene Fletcher

Fairies from different literary and folk traditions around the world come together in this vibrantly..

$19.83 US

Fairy Gems Deck & Book Set - Ellen Steiber

Fairies have been with us forever. Spun of light and shadow, these mysterious beings are timeless na..

$28.94 US

Fairy Lenormand Oracle - Marcus Katz

The beautiful enchantment of Fairy Magic transforms this Lenormand deck into an experience of vibran..

$21.31 US

Fairy Ring Oracle Set

The Oracle for Lovers of the Fairy FolkCombine astounding, photorealistic images with breathtaking s..

$31.99 US

Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck and Book Set - Nancy Brown

Amy Brown's Fairy Wisdom Oracle provides a bridge to the elemental realms, beyond the world we perce..

$26.65 US

Field Guide To Garden Dragons Card Deck

You never know where you'll spot a Garden Dragon! It could be on your travels, on a nature walk, or ..

$24.36 US

Finding Inner Peace Inspiration Cards - Olivia Burki

The more you feed your mind with positive thoughts, the more you treat your soul and body well, th..

$26.65 US

For the Love of Dragons - Angi Sullins

Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend never met a dragon. Inside this deck by popular artis..

$28.94 US

Forest Fae Messages - Nadia Turner

Enter the forest, seek wonder and enchantment, and hear the curious messages of the forest fae. Th..

$13.69 US

Gateway of Light Activation Oracle

A unique activation oracle depicting 44 ethereal gateways and portals to help users connect with the..

$19.82 US