Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle card decks are similar to Tarot in their use, but are a divination tool all their own.  Each oracle deck varies depending on the author, artist and publisher.  Oracle decks can be purchased in almost every theme imaginable.  We offer a selection of oracle card decks for those looking for a Spiritual card deck that isn't as structured as traditional Tarot, in a wide variety of Spiritual, Fantasy, and Metaphysical themes.  If there is a deck you're seeking, let us know - we can probably acquire it for you.

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Oracle of Shadows & Light - L Cavendish

Once, we walked between the worlds, and interacted with spirit beings who shared great wisdoms and t..

$20.42 US

Oracle of the 7 Energies - Colette Baron-Reid

Internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid presents a 49..

$30.26 US

Oracle of the Angels - M Duguay

Mario Duguay's rich and evocative artwork in this deck beautifully captures the divinity that surrou..

$24.93 US

Oracle of the Crystal Skulls - Patrice Marty

Let Meditations, Exercises, and Chakra Associations Guide You! ..

$26.48 US

Oracle of the Dragonfae - Lucy Cavendish

In the not so faraway past, we were Gods and Goddesses...we dwelt in dimensional lands...Eden, Avalo..

$27.20 US

Oracle of the Hidden Worlds - Lucy & Williams Cavendish

Bestselling author Lucy Cavendish is your personal guide as you embark on a marvelous journey into t..

$27.20 US

Oracle of the Innocent Heart

The Oracle of the Innocent Heart is about simple things; the simple things a child will ponder and q..

$31.78 US

Oracle of The Roses - Cheralyn Darcey

Oracle of the Roses is a card deck to remind you to stop and smell the roses.Let the roses in your g..

$26.45 US

Oracle of the Shapeshifters - Lucy Cavendish

This striking collection of forty-five illustrated cards and an in-depth guidebook entertain and emp..

$25.69 US

Oracle of the Trees - Francesca Romana Valente

Oracle of the Trees presents a global voyage among the sacred trees of numerous cults, cultures, pas..

$24.18 US

Oracle of the Unicorns - Cordelia F. Brabbs

The most enchanting of mystical creatures, unicorns are a symbol of miracles, purity, and magic. Lik..

$27.20 US

Osho Zen Tarot Deck/Book Set

When life seems to be full of doubt and uncertainty we tend to look for a source of inspiration: wha..

$26.11 US

Peace Oracle - Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams -20%

Peace Oracle - Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams

Even those who are born into peace can succumb to the hurries and pressures of daily life and find t..

$24.93 US $19.95 US

Pegasus Oracle - Alana Fairchild

An embodiment of grace, strength, and divine protection, Pegasus encourages you to live with confide..

$26.45 US

Pixiekins: A Daily Inspiration Deck - Paulina Cassidy

In day-to-day living, a little bit of encouragement and a dash of merriment go a long way. From her ..

$24.18 US

Playing Marseilles Deck - Ryan Edward

This unique tarot deck honors the legacy of Old World cartomancy by marrying a humble pack of French..

$25.35 US

Pocket Blessing Cards - Katherine Skaggs

Pack of 24 beautiful, inspired images with blessings.  Artwork by Katherine Skaggs.~They fit pe..

$12.49 US

Portals of Presence Oracle Cards: Faces Drawn from the Subtle Realms

Enter a deeper relationship with yourself and the world through the universal language of the human ..

$28.38 US

Power of 8 Chakra Oracle Cards - Trina & Gill Amiot

Divine inspiration to live your best life! Created for both beginners and professional card readers,..

$33.30 US

Prairie Majesty Oracle - Kara Simons

Each animal and plant on the prairie have a vital role as a part of the harmonious whole and so ..

$25.72 US

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