Avalon Magic Oracle Cards

Avalon Magic Oracle Cards

Avalon magic will connect you to spirit, nature and the essence of life itself.

This beautifully illustrated deck (40 cards) is designed to empower, inspire and allow the heart of the seeker to be open to divine guidance. On your soul pilgrimage of discovery, give yourself time to reflect and contemplate each of these insightful messages for your spiritual growth and healing. Using some of the symbols from ancient Avalon wisdom, these mini cards are designed to empower, inspire, and allow the heart to be open to divine guidance. Give yourself the gift of time to reflect and contemplate on each of these messages for your spiritual growth, wellbeing and magick.

Using your Avalon Magic cards

Simply choose a card and read the inspired message, either daily or following your intuition when searching for divine guidance.

Each card is imbued with magic and healing from the Avalon otherworld through the Lady of the Lake, the Goddess, the fae, the priestesses and all of the heroes of the Arthurian legends.

May the magic of Avalon guide you to your deepest truths so you can reach your destination, fully empowered, to embrace an authentic and inspired life.

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