Oracle Card Decks

Oracle Card Decks
Oracle card decks are similar to Tarot in their use, but are a divination tool all their own.  Each oracle deck varies depending on the author, artist and publisher.  Oracle decks can be purchased in almost every theme imaginable.  We offer a selection of oracle card decks for those looking for a Spiritual card deck that isn't as structured as traditional Tarot, in a wide variety of Spiritual, Fantasy, and Metaphysical themes.  If there is a deck you're seeking, let us know - we can probably acquire it for you.

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Fortune Cookies: Love, Success, Happiness Cards NR - Sharina Star

Fortune Cookies offers a fun way to find the answers to your most significant questions and concerns..

$14.81 US

Goddess Power Oracle

Internationally acclaimed oracle expert and best-selling author Colette Baron-Reid delivers a gorgeo..

$42.20 US

Gospel of Aradia Oracle Set

In historical accounts, Aradia has many faces: she is depicted as the daughter of a goddess, as the ..

$21.85 US

Green Oracle - Barbara Moore

A unique deck designed to help you recover spiritual connection and harmony with all life; connectio..

$17.94 US

Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards

Vintage style deck of 52 cards with miniature cards in the upper left corners and descriptive pictur..

$9.34 US

Healing Angel Cards - Toni Carmine Salerno

This inspiring set by bestselling author Toni Carmine Salerno allows you to get quick and clear answ..

$21.85 US

Healing Light and Angel Cards - Saleire

Healing your Chakras can release an abundance of energy and feeling of well-being and joy. With the ..

$24.97 US

Healing Light Lenormand - Butler

Let the energy of the cosmos into your divination work with the Healing Light Lenormand. A lovely co..

$21.85 US

Healing Words Kit

Tap into the positive and encouraging power of the healing process with this collection of magnetic ..

$14.03 US

Herbal Healing Deck/Set

Get in touch with the power of nature and its abundant remedies. This earthy, mystical deck of 48 or..

$38.29 US

Illustrated Herbiary Collectible Box Set, The (hc) - Maia Toll

This collectible box set combines Maia Toll's best-selling book, The Illustrated Herbiary, with a fr..

$35.13 US

Imperial Dragon Oracle - Baggot/Pracownik

Dragons have a long history of offering pearls of wisdom. Find strength and insight in the Imperial ..

$15.83 US

Indigo Angel Oracle Cards - Retiring!

Indigos are strong-willed, intuitive leaders with innate spiritual skills, including the ability to ..

$21.07 US

Inspirational Wisdom from Angels & Fairies - Demo Deck

Cheerful angels and fairies deliver wisdom, healing energy and loving guidance to help you rediscove..

$21.85 US

Journey of Love Oracle - A Fairchild

Featuring 70 illuminating paintings by visionary artist Rassouli, the cards in 'Journey of Love' are..

$21.50 US

Key Ring Inspiring Energies Feminine Affirmations - Sue Lion

Feminine Affirmations: The freedom of the dance, the wisdom of the essence we all bring with us, the..

$4.89 US

Key Ring Inspiring Energies Footprints of the Soul - Sue Lion

Footprints of the Soul: 12 animals that walk and swim � from wolf to salmon to lizard &#..

$4.89 US

Love & Light - Doreen Virtue

With intricate, colorful, Japanese-anime-style art by Kagaya Yutaka and Takaki, theseLove & Light Ca..

$19.53 US

Lunar Nomad Oracle KIT NR

The Lunar Nomad Oracle is a set of keys for unlocking and understanding your intuitive side, your "l..

$29.31 US

Magical Dimensions Oracle Cards and Activators

Awaken your intuition and receive guidance and wisdom from the Angelic, Elemental and Faerie, and Ga..

$40.64 US

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