Buy The Lot!

Buy The Lot!

Are you a perfumer and crafter of bath and body products who could benefit from a great deal?  We are currently clearing our entire line of perfume oils and accessories in our Moonwise section, however, if you're interested in purchasing the entire lot of what is currently left in stock, please email us to  We can send you photos of what is currently available. 

We have over 100 different cosmetic grade perfume oils in stock, as well as a good stock on amber colored oil bottles in various sizes. Included in the lot would also be many freebies and extras we will throw into the deal. We would ship what is left to you in well-sealed bottles, but only during the warm months - so if you're interested, please act soon! 

This is an excellent opportunity for someone who is starting off in business making beauty and bath products!

Asking price: $900 + tax and shipping to you. This price is somewhat negotiable. Serious inquiries only. 

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