Bottles & Accessories - Clearance!

Bottles & Accessories - Clearance!

As of May 1st 2019, we will no longer be producing many of The Magical Blend & Moon Wise Creations products, including incense, oils and perfumes. We're clearing a lot of our raw materials, bottles and jars - and you can benefit from the huge savings!  We have an excess of amber bottles, glass and plastic roller bottles, mist bottles and more. 

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55ml Hex Jar

These glass hex jars with gold lids hold 55ml.  They make wonderful jars for holding small amou..

$0.98 US

Amber Bottle, Choose Your Size

We've got a huge over-stock of these bottles, and we'd love to pass on the savings to you. These bot..

$0.47 US

Plastic Bath Salts Tube (4 inch)

These versatile plastic tubes with stoppers are great for those who create their own bath salt blend..

$0.31 US

Plastic Roller Bottle

10 ml Clear Plastic Rollerball Bottle with White Cap is an elegant roller ball container, perfect fo..

$0.59 US

Spray Bottle, 8oz Oval

8 oz clear oval spray bottle with mister.These wonderful spray bottles are a professional and stylis..

$1.17 US

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