Moldavite Crystal Locket

Moldavite Crystal Locket

These lockets offer something that most conventional jewellery does not: you can create your own unique design inside. The beautiful locket pendant has a magnetic clasp with a pin to ensure it does not open. It is stainless steel with clear glass on either side. The 24 inch ball chain features a lobster claw clasp.

Your pendant will include genuine Moldavite pieces!

Moldavite, a form of green volcanic glass called tektite, is believed to have fallen from space over the former Czechoslovakia about 15 million years ago. Moldavite is said to have a high vibration and as such can help clear blocks. It is an excellent meditation stone and is often used at the heart, third eye and crown.

Includes: Moldavite pieces, 1 locket with 24 inch chain

Dimensions: Approx. x 3 cm width x 3 cm height , 60 cm chain chain

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