Summer Solstice - June 20 to 21

Litha is the season of expansion, when the crops burgeon forth. We forget winters cares and spend our days basking under the brilliant light. The Summer Solstice brings us the longest day of the year - the zenith of the Sun King, and also His death as the Holly King dethrones him and takes reign over the now waning year. From now until Yule, the light will fade.

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MoonWise Incense - What's In Stock

Incense Sticks handmade by us at Dragon Moon. Our MoonWise Creations incense is made in small batche..

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Bottle Of Gold

Gold - Genuine Gold in a Bottle - These mesmerizing, water-filled vials contain flakes of pure 23 kt..

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Mini Candle - Yellow

These mini chime candles are great because they are small enough that they don't take up much space ..

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Wheel Of The Year Tapestry/Throw

A vibrant Celtic border cast against a black background illuminates a colorful Pagan Calendar. Each..

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Moonwise Bath Salt - Wheel Of The Year

Enjoy a sacred bath while you prepare yourself for celebrations, gatherings, ceremonies, ritual, cir..

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Moonwise Bath Salts - Moon Phases

The moon moves with us in a sacred dance that mirrors the cycles of life.  Our Moon Phase bath ..

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Summer Solstice Herbal Incense & Oil Set

Use the anointing oil to anoint the altar, candles, your body, and any symbols of the season used in..

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