Leather Buckle Bracelet - Mjolnir, Black

Leather Buckle Bracelet - Mjolnir, Black

Super trendy and crafted in a true Viking style, these cow hide leather cuff bracelets are unique and make excellent gifts.  They are crafted by hand by skilled artisans and each include a metal plate with select design. The closure is buckle style with 5 holes for adjustable fit. Fits most wrists, men or women.  Please see the product photos to get an idea of the width of the piece. Each bracelet will be shipped in a gift pouch.

Note: These bracelets have a leather scent, so please be aware of that before purchasing. If you're not a huge fan of leather scent, we recommend letting the bracelet sit out for a few days before wearing or giving, and the scent will lessen.

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