St. Justin's

St. Justin's

Cornish Made Jewellery – Silver, Bronze, Pewter and Tin – Designed and Made in Cornwall, England.
Every piece of St Justin Cornish made jewellery and giftware is crafted by hand in Cornwall, the South West extremity of Britain. Some 400 metres from the beach, they draw inspiration from the sea, the sand, the wildlife and the azure blue colours of the water. Making good quality, affordable jewellery is their passion.

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Apahida Triscele Earrings

Apahida triscele drop earring – Pewter openwork Apahida trisceles on surgical steel hooks.The trisce..

$22.62 US

Apahida Triscele Earrings - Bronze

Bronze openwork Apahida triscele drop earrings on gold-plated sterling silver hooks.The triscel..

$44.48 US

Apahida Triscele Pendant

Apahida triscele pendant – pewter openwork Apahida triscele on 18″ silver plated belcher chain.The t..

$24.24 US

Apahida Triscele Pendant - Bronze

Bronze open knotwork Apahida triscele pendant on gold-plated trace chain.The triscele is commonly fo..

$45.29 US

Bind Rune - Safe Travels

Safe travel bind rune – pewter rune with an engraved runic symbol for safe travel on an adjustable b..

$19.39 US

Bind Rune Pendant - Love

Love bind rune pendant –  pewter rune with an engraved runic symbol for love on adjustable blac..

$19.39 US

Bind Rune Pendant - Peace & Happiness

Peace and happiness bind rune – pewter with engraved runic symbol on adjustable black leather thong...

$19.39 US

Celtic Chakra Pendant

Chakra pendant – set with seven semi-precious stones – garnet, carnelian, amber, malachite, lapis, a..

$42.05 US

Celtic Cross Pendant, Opalized

A pewter triangular knot Celtic cross with an embossed knot design and a central opalized glass ..

$33.59 US

Celtic Fairy Drop Earrings

Celtic fairy drop earrings – Polished pewter fairies with openwork wings on surgical steel hooks.A f..

$26.67 US

Celtic Fairy Pendant, sm

Celtic fairy pendant small – polished pewter fairy with openwork wings on an 18″ rhodium-plated bras..

$27.48 US

Celtic Knot Bangle

Knotwork bangle – a solid pewter bangle with embossed Celtic knotwork design all around it.The Celts..

$48.53 US

Celtic Knot Wavy Bangle Bracelet

The Celtic knot wavy bangle is a lightly hammered polished pewter bangle with engraved Celtic design..

$30.72 US

Celtic Seal Set - Celtic Nations

Celtic nations seal wood handle – pewter seal with Celtic knot design. Gives an embossed image when ..

$34.77 US

Celtic Seal Set - Lugh's Knot

Lugh's knot seal – pewter seal with Celtic Lugh’s knot design. Gives an embossed image of a Lugh’s k..

$34.77 US

Celtic Triscele Earrings - Bronze

Celtic Triscele drop earrings on gold-plated sterling silver hooks.The triscele is commonly found in..

$46.10 US

Celtic Wide Band Bangle

This is a beautiful polished pewter openwork cuff with tapering ends and Celtic knotwork design..

$37.20 US

Chalice Well Pendant, Leather Cording

Pewter openwork Chalice Well pendant with embossed design on an adjustable black leather thong.This ..

$21.82 US

Creole Celtic Earrings

Creole earrings with Celtic knotwork – Pewter polished hoops with an embossed Celtic knot detail on ..

$39.62 US

Creole Celtic Pendant

Creole pendant – polished pewter pendant with embossed Celtic knotwork on 18″ tin-plated curb chain...

$26.67 US