Turtle Totem Pendant, Sterling

Turtle Totem Pendant, Sterling

The turtle totem wisdom teaches us about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Slow moving on earth, yet also incredibly fast and agile in water, those who have the turtle as totem or spirit animal may be encouraged to take a break in their busy lives and look around or within themselves for more grounded, long-lasting solutions. Traditionally, the turtle is symbolic of the way of peace, whether it’s inviting us to cultivate peace of mind or a peaceful relationship with our environment.

The turtle symbolism is characterized by the association with the Earth and earth symbols of groundedness and patience:

-Symbol of the world, of the Earth

-Ability to stay grounded, even in moments of disturbances and chaos

-Slowing down, pacing yourself

-Determination, persistence

-Emotional strength and understanding

-Ancient wisdom

-The turtle is also linked to the spirit of the water and the fluid nature of emotions.

This pendant measures 1" and is cast in sterling silver. Gem may vary. 

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