Quantum Energy Necklace

Quantum Energy Necklace

Years of scientific research in scalar energy eventually led to the development of the scalar energy quantum pendant.  An accessory fashioned out of solidified lava from Japanese volcanoes.  But it is more than just for aesthetic purposes.  It is for anyone who wishes to gain health benefits from a renewed revolutionary discovery.  The pendant may either be worn around one’s neck or it can be simply kept inside one’s pocket.  Only recently, the most significant works on scalar energy has been its negating effect on electromagnetic fields otherwise known as EMF.

In 1990, electromagnetic fields became a public concern as it was closely associated with birth defects, miscarriages, brain tumors, leukemia, chronic fatigue, cataracts, headaches, heart problems, stress, nausea, chest pain, forgetfulness, cancer and various disorders of the human body.  EMF was known to come from almost all electronic devices in offices ore workplaces, homes, and electric wires and transformers.  Virtually everything around our modern world gave off EMF.  It is because of these that researchers sought for solutions and found a breakthrough in scalar energy quantum pendants.

Studies on electromagnetic fields and scalar energy have been around for quite some time.  In the mid 1800, James Clerk Maxwell, a theoretical physicist and mathematician might as well have identified EMF and energies in scalar form.  Half a century later, another mathematician and a mechanical engineer in the person of Nikola Tesla demonstrated the existence of scalar energy.  Upon Tesla’s death however, scientific work and research on scalar energy slowed almost to a total stop.  It was not after a full century later that science would once again turn to scalar energy to explore its potentials.

Scalar energy Quantum pendants provide the bearer a means to avoid the harmful effects of EMF energies.  It was found that the energy emitted by the material of the pendant effectively cancels out EMF.  Aside from functioning as an EMF shield, individuals with a Quantum pendant also benefited from the harmonization of metabolic functions.

This pendant comes boxed with a Authenticity Card from the company, and every pendant has it's own serial number. The pendant measures approximately 1 1/2" round, and comes on a brown adjustable cord. The pendant is approximately 4mm thick.

More info: https://www.scalarenergypendants.com

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