Jewelry is a meaningful way to express yourself through symbolism.  It can mark special moments in our lives and will forever hold precious memories each time we wear it.  Jewelry can act as your sacred talismans for protection, health, happiness, love, and so much more.  We carry pieces that not only look beautiful, but also have a deeper spiritual meaning.  We hope you'll find jewelry within our offerings that will carry you through this sacred journey of life. 

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Angel Wing Amethyst Heart Pendant

Sterling silver angel wings with an Amethyst heart center create a magical and meaningful piece.&nbs..


Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac -30%

Astrology Bracelet, Zodiac

The outside of each bracelet carries the name of the zodiac sign, the sign symbol, and the symbol fo..

$11.08US $7.75US

Buddha Pendant, Sterling Silver

This beautiful pendant is cast in sterling silver and measures approximately 1/2".  It's a wond..


Chakra Sun Pendant, Sterling

The Chakras are the seven power points in the human body that circulate energy or the life force al..


Fairy Star Pendant

A cherished symbol within the mystical community, the fairy star is a sacred symbol to anyone who f..


Goddess Of Morning Star - Neck Piece, Sterling

To celebrate the Goddess in us all...this lovely Sterling Silver neck-piece accented with a crystal ..


Infinity Ring, Sterling

Sterling silver infinity symbol ring.  Select your size below...


Infinity Stud Earrings, Sterling

Infinity stud earrings, sterling silver. This simple image, which looks like the number 8 turned on..


Moon Frog Charm, Silver

An adorable, tiny, dainty little silver charm of a frog sitting on a happy moon.  1/4".  ..


Om & Yin Yang Flip Ring, Stainless Steel, Size 10

This very cool ring is made of stainless steel.  The symbol portion of the ring flips so you ha..


Om Earrings, White Bronze

Beautiful OM earrings.  Approx. 3/4" long. Dainty, simple, classic. Just Like Silver is a W..


Om Ring, Sterling

A stunning large OM symbol set in sterling.  A wonderful ring we're sure you'll cherish!  ..


Peace Sign Charm, Sterling, With Chain

Sterling Silver Peace Sign Pendant, 1/2" Includes an 18" Sterling Silver Cable Chain!..


Peace Sign Earrings, Sterling

What the World needs now is LOVE and PEACE!  Sterling silver earrings that measure app..


Peace Sign Pendant With Chain

Sterling Silver Peace Sign Pendant.  What the World needs now, is Love - and Peace!  Penda..


Peace Sign Ring, Sterling

A large Peace symbol ring set in sterling.  Stunning in sterling silver.  A slightly raise..


Small Sterling Peace Charm

Delicately crafted of sterling silver, this wonderful charm is perfect for your charm bracelet, or ..


Thor's Hammer for Strength & Courage

Viewed as a symbol of consecration and divine regal power by the ancient Nordic people this talisma..


Zodiac Pendant -30%

Zodiac Pendant

Astrology Pendants each have the name of the zodiac sign and its symbol on the front, and the main c..

$13.46US $9.42US

Air Dragon Pendant ~ Inspiration & Intuition

Flying high above the mundane world, Air Dragon brings inspiration and intuitive knowledge. For Ment..