A selection of gemstone and silver rings. 

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Alchemy Gothic - Celtic Theurgy Ring

Protective powers of the pentagram under Celtic influence.  A gorgeous lead free pewter ring ma..


Butterfly Pentacle Ring

The butterfly is well known to represent transformation. The pentacle is a symbol of earth, protecti..


Celtic Double Knot Ring, Sterling

This beautiful Celtic knot ring is a classic Celtic design set in sterling silver.  Celtic knot..


Celtic Infinity Ring, Moonstone

A beautiful Celtic knot ring with large Rainbow Moonstone.   Rainbow Moonstone: Magick, moon e..


Celtic Triskelle Ring, White Bronze, Size 8

Just Like Silver is a White Bronze based semi-precious metal alloyed with other non..


Fern Dragon Ring, White Bronze, Size 8

Just Like Silver is a White Bronze based semi-precious metal alloyed with other n..


Handfasting Band: Love Runes, Size 9

Every Ring is a circle of power, representing eternity.  Each Sterling Silver ring comes with a..


Hematite Ring, Faceted



Moonstone Ring, Sterling

This new Rainbow Moonstone design is classic with a simple band and oval Rainbow Moonstone that shim..


Om Ring, Amethyst

A gorgeous sterling silver OM symbol ring with genuine Amethyst.  Size 7. ..


Om Ring, Sterling

A stunning large OM symbol set in sterling.  A wonderful ring we're sure you'll cherish!  ..


Peace Sign Ring, Sterling

A large Peace symbol ring set in sterling.  Stunning in sterling silver.  A slightly raise..


Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring, Size 6

Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring.The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A ..


Tree Of Life Pentacle Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver pentacle tree of life ring.   ..


Tree Of Life Ring, Kyanite

The Tree Of Life symbolizes our connection to nature and the elemental world around us.  It i..


Trinity Spiral Ring, White Bronze

This ring is a beautiful new design cast in white bronze.  The Trinity Spriral represents karma..


Triple Goddess Moonstone Ring

A beautiful sterling silver ring with a Triple Goddess design and Rainbow Moonstone center.  Ve..


Winged Dragon Ring, White Bronze

This winged dragon ring is a beautiful accessory for any dragon lover.  Celebrate the dragon's ..


2 Gem Ring - Citrine, Rose Quartz

A beautiful combination.  Sterling silver, faceted Citrine and Rose Quartz. Note: This is ..


2 Gem Ring - Green & Purple Amethyst

A beautiful combination.  Sterling silver, faceted green Amethyst (Prasiolite) and purple Ameth..


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