Peter Stone

Peter Stone

Peter Stone is known for their high quality Metaphysical Jewellery since 1987.  They feature Sterling Silver, 14K and 18K Gold designs.  Dragon Moon is the official Distributor for Peter Stone in Canada.  We also have made-to-order options on our other website at - Please contact us for wholesale opportunities.

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Celestial Yin Yang Charm Pendant, Sterling

A unique and modern take on the ancient Yin Yang symbol, which represents the light and the dark, da..

$18.34 US

Celtic Butterfly Pendant, Lg, Sterling

Anyone who needs to add an uplifting accessory to their wardrobe can find a source of grace and be..

$52.69 US

Celtic Butterfly Pendant, Sterling

Anyone who needs to add an uplifting accessory to their wardrobe can find a source of grace and be..

$41.51 US

Celtic Crescent Moon & Pentagram Earrings

Beautiful, elegant crescent moon earrings with a Celtic flair, and small pentagrams. Sterling silver..

$36.71 US

Celtic Crescent Moon & Star, Sterling Pendant

A beautiful crescent moon pendant, with Celtic knot design within the moon, and a small accent penta..

$23.13 US

Celtic Crescent Moon Earrings, Garnet

Crescent Moon Earrings - crafted of sterling silver and genuine Garnet.Symbolizing the manifestation..

$38.31 US

Celtic Cross Angel Wings Pendant, Sterling

Beautiful sterling silver angel wings with a small Celtic cross at the center. A dainty little cha..

$23.93 US

Celtic Cross Charm, Sterling

The Celtic cross is one of the oldest and most recognizable symbols of spirituality. This charming l..

$9.99 US

Celtic Crystal Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling ring featuring Celtic knots and a very shiny, sparkly white Cubic Zirconia crys..

$31.12 US

Celtic Dolphin Pendant, Sterling

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, pendant is a stunning way to capture the intellige..

$21.53 US

Celtic Dragon Ring -30%

Celtic Dragon Ring

This band is engraved with dragons and a unique Celtic design. It celebrates the dragon's renowned p..

$19.14 US $13.39 US

Celtic Golden Spiral Pendant

Cast in sterling silver with 14k gold vermeille overlay on the center spiral, this pendant is stunni..

$41.51 US

Celtic Grace Pendant, Sterling

The Trinity knot, also called the Triquetra, is one of the best-known symbols in Celtic culture. Fam..

$41.51 US

Celtic Knot Charm, Sterling

This beautifully made charm is ready for your charm bracelet, charm holder pendant, or to wear on it..

$8.75 US

Celtic Knot Dragon Pendant

The symbolism of the dragon can be found in almost every ancient culture throughout history.Though t..

$23.13 US

Celtic Knot Of Life, Sterling

Celtic knotwork is an ancient art form that symbolizes eternal life with a design that flows continu..

$21.53 US

Celtic Knot of Realities Pendant, Amethyst

The Celtic Knot of Realities Silver Pendant has an interconnected design honoring the eternal connec..

$45.50 US

Celtic Knot Of Unity Pendant, Sterling

Celtic knotwork is an art of unity with interconnected designs honoring the eternal connections of a..

$21.53 US

Celtic Knot Ring, Sterling

Celtic knots are the most recognizable artwork in Celtic history. They are mystic knots, endless and..

$27.92 US

Celtic Knots Silver Butterfly Ring

This unique ring captures the likeness of the graceful butterfly, adorned with beautiful Celtic kn..

$26.33 US

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