Stag Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

Stag Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

The elusive and rarely seen white stag will bring dignity, independence and fertility to new projects or new beginnings. It is known that he stands in the shadow of the Birch tree in the language of the Druids, Ogham tree lore Beith (Birch) stands at the edge of the forest, a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. To call upon the Stag is to call his divine power to enhance a new beginning or new venture, to bring dignity, power and integrity and to fertilize new ideas. With the stag as your totem it is a time to stand tall and be seen, now is the time to attract those that you desire. It is your time and thoughts manifest reality, be positive, assertive and diplomatic and your dreams will materialize.

The Stag is an Earth tied energy and will bring harmony and a sense of natural progression, he encourages stability and patience, patience is a virtue bestowed upon the wise. To be able to wait and be comfortable waiting. The stag is a solitaire for most of the year, but with his antlers comes his need to share, he will make himself known to all that seek his influence and will give willingly to all that are prepared to accept his ways.

This beautiful sterling silver pendant measures 1.18" in diameter. Chains are sold separately. 

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