Peter Stone

Peter Stone

Internationally celebrated jewellery designer and manufacturer, Peter Stone produces some of the finest Spiritual and Celtic jewellery in the world. Born of passion and exquisitely crafted, every one of their creations is a true work of art.

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Celtic Triskelion Spiral Pendant, Sterling

The three spirals of the Celtic Triskele, also known as the Triskelion, are said to symbolize action..

$18.33 US

Celtic Triskelion Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

Rich in symbolism, this small circular pendant incorporates ancient Celtic trinity knots, triskele, ..

$28.35 US

Celtic Triskelle Charm, Sterling

A small Celtic charm crafted of .925 sterling silver. This beautifully made charm is ready for your ..

$9.14 US

Celtic Turtle Earrings, Sterling

With its impenetrable shell fortified by Celtic knotwork, these turtles are strong, patient, and tho..

$48.38 US

Celtic Witchy Hat Charm, Sterling

A fun, magickal and whimsical jewelry piece you can wear as a dainty pendant on a chain, or add it t..

$15.82 US

Celtic Witchy Hat Earrings, Sterling

A fun, magickal and whimsical pair of earrings you'll cherish. Show your witchy side when you wear t..

$30.85 US

Celtic Wolf Earrings, Sterling

These enchanting, handcrafted, sterling silver wolf earrings feature Celtic knotwork in an inspired ..

$35.86 US

Celtic Yin Yang Charm Pendant, Sterling

Adorned with Celtic Trinity knots, this handcrafted sterling silver Yin Yang pendant is a modern fus..

$15.82 US

Cernunnos Pendant, Sterling

Cernunnos is the conventional name given in Celtic studies to depictions of the "horned god" of Celt..

$37.53 US

Circle Of Triquetras Pendant, Sterling

Delicate Celtic Trinity knots form a frame around this simple, handcrafted sterling silver Trinity K..

$35.86 US

Clawing Dragon Earrings, Sterling

These artfully crafted dragons seem to fly as they float suspended in midair.Celebrate the dragon's ..

$41.70 US

Cosmic Magick Pendant, Sterling & Gold

A celestial combination of the Sun, Moon and planets - set in sterling silver and 14k gold vermeille..

$33.35 US

Crane & Pentacle Pendant, Lapis

A unique pendant featuring a detailed majestic Crane, pentacle star and Lapis stone. Sterling s..

$29.18 US

Crescent Moon Celtic Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

Look within the pattern of this pendant, and find 5 small crescent moons! Featuring Celtic knotwork ..

$37.53 US

Crescent Moon Goddess Pendant, Sterling

A very magickal pendant that features a moon goddess, moonstone, and is cast in sterlnig silver. The..

$22.50 US

Crescent Moon Pentacle Pendant, Moonstone

Another unique jewellery design featuring a large crescent moon with small pentacle, a genuine moons..

$35.86 US

Crescent Moon, Pentacle & Besom Pendant

A beautiful sterling silver crescent moon with small pentacle and witchy besom broom. A very unique,..

$25.01 US

Crystal Eyed Raven Pendant, Garnet

The raven animal totem is sometimes called the “Keeper of Secrets” and like all birds is a messenger..

$41.70 US

Curled Dragon & Pentagram Pendant, Sterling

Two popular mystical symbols, the dragon and the pentagram star are joined in this pendant.Celebrate..

$41.70 US

Dainty Fairy Pendant, Sterling

Evoking a sense of exquisite magic and charm, this lovely little smiling fairy will brighten your li..

$22.50 US

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