Peter Stone

Peter Stone

Internationally celebrated jewellery designer and manufacturer, Peter Stone produces some of the finest Spiritual and Celtic jewellery in the world. Born of passion and exquisitely crafted, every one of their creations is a true work of art.

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Dragon Pendant - Jody Bergsma

Inspired by the fantasy art of Jody Bergsma, this dragon pendant is cast in white bronze with a ster..

$16.36 US

Dragon Pentacle Pendant

This dragon has discovered a mystical treasure befitting a creature of such majesty.  This pe..

$22.02 US

Dragon Signet Ring

A mystical dragon adorns the top of this finely crafted signet ring.  This ring celebrates the ..

$18.98 US

Druid's Amulet

The spiritual forces of the traditional symbol of Wicca magick the Pentacle and the classic Celtic..

$18.22 US

Egyptian Ankh & Snake Ring

A very unique, mystical design inspired by Ancient Egypt.  The Ankh represents eternal life, he..

$16.36 US

Flower Of Life Ring

The Flower of Life is a geometrical figure composed of multiple evenly-spaced, overlapping circl..

$17.46 US

Frog Totem Earrings

Adorable little frog earrings crafted of hypoallergenic white bronze with sterling silver overlay.&n..

$18.98 US

Handfasting Band

This beautiful Handfasting Ring is the perfect symbol of eternal love. Handfasting is a traditiona..

$18.22 US

Kitty Mask Ring

Do you or someone you know love cats?  This is the ring for you.  This fun ring is cast in..

$12.89 US

Magickal Cauldron Pendant

You can cook up some magick with this elegant witches cauldron engraved with a Wiccan Pentacle. ..

$17.46 US

Moon Dreamer Pendant

This beautiful pendant features a mystical fairy sitting on a crescent moon.  Cast in white bro..

$18.22 US

Rose Fairy Pendant

A beautiful fairy perched in a rose bush is the theme of this new pendant.  We're excited about..

$21.26 US

Spiderweb Pendant

This spiderweb pendant symbolizes the interconnection between all living things in nature, including..

$21.26 US

Sun & Moon Paua Shell Pendant

A beautiful combination of white bronze, sterling silver and paua shell.  Because it's cast in ..

$17.46 US

Triquetra Cuff Bracelet

This white bronze & sterling overlay cuff bracelet features a Celtic Triquetra knot, which has v..

$70.71 US

Turtle Dangle Earrings

With its impenetrable shell, the turtle is a strong symbol of defense and protection. Mov..

$18.22 US

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