Celtic Triquetra Pendant, Sapphire

Celtic Triquetra Pendant, Sapphire

The Triquetra is a continuous knot made up of three interlocked loops with no beginning and end.

It represents the triplicities that surround us (Earth, Sea, Sky; Birth, Death, Rebirth) and symbolizes the eternal spiritual life.

If you look within the unique design of this piece, you'll find 6 Triquetra knots. Featured in this pendant are lab-created Sapphire crystals.

This sterling silver pendant blends traditional and more modern Celtic design, with beautiful gems, in the powerful message of the Trinity. Crafted in sterling silver with exquisite 14 karat Gold accents, and enamel inlay touches.

1.57" long. Chain sold separately. 

*model is wearing this pendant in the Garnet version, to show the size when worn. 

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