Peter Stone

Peter Stone

Internationally celebrated jewellery designer and manufacturer, Peter Stone produces some of the finest Spiritual and Celtic jewellery in the world. Born of passion and exquisitely crafted, every one of their creations is a true work of art.

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Dragon Trinity Pendant, White Bronze

This reimagined Celtic Trinity Knot symbolizes the mind, body, and spirit as it relates to the mysti..

$15.44 US

Fantasy Dragon Pendant, Sterling

This regal dragon is sure to impart its mystical power on all who wear it. Meticulously crafted f..

$32.55 US

Nile Goddess Earrings, White Bronze

Beautiful Goddess earrings.  Elegant and meaningful.  Just Like Silver is a White Bron..

$17.88 US

Tree, Sun & Moon Earrings, White Bronze

The Tree of Life symbolizes the never ending cycle of all living things. With its branches reaching..

$24.40 US

Trinity Angel Earrings, White Bronze

These earrings feature the Celtic Trinity symbol, and Angels.  They are beautiful earrings with..

$22.77 US

Trinity Spiral Ring, White Bronze

This ring is a beautiful new design cast in white bronze.  The Trinity Spriral represents karma..

$13.81 US

Winged Dragon Ring, White Bronze (Size 9)

This winged dragon ring is a beautiful accessory for any dragon lover.  Celebrate the dragon's ..

$18.70 US

Yin Yang Dragon Pendant

Yin-Yang Dragon pendant (gold) 1-1/2" diameter with garnet Guardian spirit creature of power and ..

$86.32 US

Amethyst Cat Moon Ring, Sterling

This enchanting, handcrafted, sterling silver crescent moon Cat ring features Celtic Knotwork and ge..

$24.40 US

Amethyst Pentagram Tree Earrings, Sterling

Small Amethyst crystals and pentagram stars adorn the branches of the Tree Of Life, evoking the perp..

$40.70 US

Angel Moonstone Pentacle Pendant

A beautiful pentacle pendant featuring an angel and rainbow moonstone.  Jewellery cording and g..

$22.41 US

Angel Wing Heart Pendant, Amethyst

The heart with wings symbol epitomizes the concept of ascension by activating the heart chakra to so..

$21.96 US

Angel Wing Heart Pendant, Crystal

The heart with wings symbol epitomizes the concept of ascension by activating the heart chakra to so..

$20.33 US

Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Necklace

If you find guidance and inspiration from the symbolic angel, the Angel's Gift Of Magick Silver Neck..

$60.25 US

Ankh Earrings

These white bronze Ankh earrings have a sterling silver overlay.  The Egyptian Ankh represents ..

$16.25 US

Ankh Earrings, Sterling

The Ankh is the key to eternal life and is often carried by Ancient Egyptian Gods in hieroglyphics. ..

$24.40 US

Ankh, Triquetra & Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

A magickal combination of esoteric symbols. The pentacle represents earth, air, fire, water and spir..

$36.62 US

Ashwood Tree Of Life Pendant, Sterling

Based on the Celtic art of Brigid Ashwood, this unique version of the Tree Of Life will become one o..

$36.62 US

Besom Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This super fun and witchy pendant features the most iconic symbol of the witch, next to the cauldron..

$28.47 US

Besom, Moon & Pentagram Earrings

These fun earrings combine three witchy symbols - the besom, the moon and the pentagram. Cast in ste..

$40.70 US

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