Pagan & Wiccan

Pagan & Wiccan

Pagan and Wiccan themed jewellery. 

Pentagrams (Pentacles) are 5 pointed stars that represent Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  This very old magickal symbol has been demonized by mainstream media and Hollywood.  This symbol represents our connection to al living things.  It is also a protection symbol. 

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Morning Star Talisman -15%

Morning Star Talisman

The Pentacle, or five-pointed star, has been a symbol of power throughout human history. It generate..

$17.66 US $15.01 US

Mother Moon Ring, Sterling -25%

Mother Moon Ring, Sterling

The tranquil face of the sterling silver moon goddess looks down upon the waves. The silver in the..

$27.89 US $20.92 US

Mystic Wolf Earrings, Sterling

Celebrate the beauty, mystery and magick of the wolf with these highly detailed sterling silver earr..

$27.07 US

Ninefold Goddess Talisman -15%

Ninefold Goddess Talisman

Nine – the most magical of numbers – wear this magical amulet and invoke the mysticism and power of ..

$16.39 US $13.93 US

Oak Leaf Antler Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

Such a unique pentacle pendant featuring Oak leaves that sort of resemble antlers! Wow, such a stunn..

$18.85 US

Oak Leaf Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This unique Celtic pentacle features Oak leaves that are entwined within the Celtic knots.The pentac..

$27.07 US

Oak Leaf Pentacle Ring, Sterling

The Oak Tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason. It's a symbol of str..

$13.10 US

Oak Tree Awen Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful sterling silver pendant with green enamel detailing, depicts the Great Oak tree, and ..

$57.47 US

Oak Tree Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

This pendant is cast in sterling silver and features a detailed Oak Tree pendant with small pentacle..

$27.07 US

Oak, Ash & Thorn Pendant - Amber

Mickie Mueller's Oak Ash & Thorn Pendant The Oak, Ash, and Hawthorn trees are a sacred tria..

$49.25 US

Oak, Ash & Thorn Triquetra Earrings

The oak, Ash, and Hawthorn ( or Thorn ) trees are a sacred triad of Druid Trees and knows as Faerie ..

$36.11 US

Oak, Ask, Thorn Ring - Sterling

Mickie Mueller's Oak Ash & Thorn RingThe Oak, Ash, and Hawthorn trees are a sacred triad of Drui..

$32.82 US

Pentacle & Amethyst Dangle Earrings, Sterling

These lovely long earrings are crafted of sterling silver an genuine Amethyst crystal beads. Pentacl..

$54.18 US

Pentacle Ball Pendant, Sterling

This unique little charm pendant is shaped like a ball, and is hollow inside. It is formed of Celtic..

$17.66 US

Pentacle Link Bracelet, Sterling, 7"

A beautiful sterling silver link-style bracelet, formed of Pentacles. The Pentacle, often calle..

$42.68 US

Pentacle Link Bracelet, Sterling, 7.5"

A beautiful sterling silver link-style bracelet, formed of Pentacles. The Pentacle, often calle..

$42.68 US

Pentacle Moon Necklace, Moonstone

This Necklace is beyond expectations with it's beauty and symbolism! The pentacle star inside a cres..

$62.40 US

Pentacle Pendant, Sterling

A traditional style Pentacle pendant in sterling silver. Pentacles are often worn for protectio..

$22.96 US

Pentacle Sea Turtle Earrings, Sterling

Of all things the sea turtle stands for, perhaps the most upstanding is its feature to take all of l..

$51.72 US

Pentacle Spiral Goddess Pendant, Sterling

This Earth Goddess has been nicely crafted into a genuine .925 sterling silver pendant. It is embell..

$18.03 US

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