Jewellery Clearance

Jewellery Clearance
Here we are offering jewellery and accessories at a fraction of our actual cost.  Find a treasure for yourself or someone you love.  These items have been in stock for a while, but are still perfectly new and beautiful.  We are always updating this section, as well as our other jewellery categories.  Check back often.
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Pendant Pentacle (or charm holder) -40%

Pendant Pentacle (or charm holder)

This very elegant and beautiful pendant features a pentacle with filigree pattern.  You can eas..

$42.63US $25.58US

Pentacle Dangle Earrings, Solid Sterling -40%

Pentacle Dangle Earrings, Solid Sterling

Pentacle earrings in a solid design set in sterling silver. Earrings are approx. 3/4".  ..

$17.03US $10.22US

Pentalpha Pentagram Pendant -40%

Pentalpha Pentagram Pendant

Referring to the five alphas formed by the pentagram and originating from Ancient Greece, this unus..

$12.37US $7.42US

Tink Earrings, Sterling -40%

Tink Earrings, Sterling

Adorable Tinkerbell fairy earrings, cast in sterling silver.  They measure approx. 3/4" long.  They ..

$26.34US $15.80US

Tree Goddess Pendant, Sterling -40%

Tree Goddess Pendant, Sterling

A stunning portrayal of the Goddess in her Dryad form.  Approx. 1 1/2" long, and comes on a 18"..

$15.48US $9.29US

Tree Of Life Earrings, 19 mm -40%

Tree Of Life Earrings, 19 mm

Beautiful Tree Of Life earrings, sterling silver, 19mm. ..

$16.25US $9.75US

Tree Of Life Pendant, Round, Sterling -40%

Tree Of Life Pendant, Round, Sterling

A high shine sterling silver Tree Of Life pendant, round.  Approximately 1 1/8". The Tree Of L..

$17.80US $10.68US

Tree Of Life Copper Ring -40%

Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring, Size 6

Tree Of Life Pentacle Copper Ring.The Tree of Life symbolizes interconnection, wisdom, and hope. A ..

$19.35US $11.61US

Tree Of Life Pentacle Ring, Sterling -40%

Tree Of Life Pentacle Ring, Sterling

A beautiful sterling silver pentacle tree of life ring.   ..

$32.54US $19.53US

Triquetra Pendant, Sterling -40%

Triquetra Pendant, Sterling

This pendant measure approx. 3/4", and is a wonderful sterling piece you'll want to wear again and a..

$11.63US $6.98US

VibesUp - Snap Wrap (Select theme) -60%

VibesUp - Snap Wrap (Select theme)

The strongest most unusual delivery of nature’s specific vibrational therapies. Each Bracelet is ..

$15.48US $6.19US

Amber Butterfly Ring -40%

Amber Butterfly Ring

This beautiful unique setting features a butterfly with wings of genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 st..

$41.85US $25.11US

Amber Celtic Triquetra Pendant, Honey -40%

Amber Celtic Triquetra Pendant, Honey

The Celtic trinity knot, or Triquetra knot, has many meanings and is a beautiful symbol of faith, ho..

$27.11US $16.27US

Amber Crescent Moon Pendant -40%

Amber Crescent Moon Pendant

This whimsical crescent moon pendant is cast in sterling silver and features three genuine Baltic Am..

$42.60US $25.56US

Amber Dragonfly Earrings -40%

Amber Dragonfly Earrings

Sterling silver dragonfly earrings with genuine Baltic Amber.  Approximately 1 1/2" long. ..

$58.14US $34.88US

Amber Heart Pendant -40%

Amber Heart Pendant

A beautiful free-form Baltic amber heart pendant, sterling silver bale. These heart p..

$50.38US $30.23US

Amber Pegasus Pendant -40%

Amber Pegasus Pendant

A beautiful mystical Pegasus and genuine Baltic Amber set in .925 sterling silver.  Approximate..

$24.78US $14.87US

Baltic Amber Necklace -40%

Baltic Amber Necklace

Amber is warming, calming, and grounding.  It is ancient tree sap which helps us connect&n..

$15.48US $9.29US

Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling -40%

Celestial Tree Pendant, Sterling

A beautiful tree with many leaves that outstretch and reveal a shining sun and moon within it's bran..

$17.80US $10.68US

Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring -40%

Celtic Amber Claddagh Ring

The Celtic Claddagh has long been a symbol of love in Ireland.  Here we see the traditional han..

$32.54US $19.53US