Crystal Pendants

Crystal Pendants

We carry a very unique assortment of crystal & gemstone pendants.  If there's something special you're looking for and you don't see it here, send us an email and we will do our best to source it for you. 

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Natural Grape Agate Cluster Pendant

Grape Agate is a powerful intuitive crystal that activates and links the crown and third eye chakras..

$39.33 US

Natural Quartz Pendant

A beautiful, natural Quartz crystal set in electroplated silver. Jewellery cording included. The pen..

$10.40 US

Nine Pyramid Quartz Necklace

A unique and beautiful necklace, the quartz crystal nine-pyramid glistens in the light and measures ..

$20.85 US

Noble Shungite Pendant, Natural

This black lustrous pendant features shungite in natural shapes and lightly polished. This noble s..

$11.21 US

Opalite Heart Pendant

Of all the gems in our stock room, none catch the eye quite like Opalite!  It is a man-made sto..

$4.78 US

Opalite Pendant, Sterling

Of all the gems in our stock room, none catch the eye quite like Opalite!  It is a manmade ston..

$20.04 US

Opalite Tumbled Stone Pendant

Opalite is a subtle yet highly energetic stone. It is the ideal stone for meditation. Opalite impr..

$7.99 US

Orgone Gem Pendant

Many people believe that by encasing precious gemstones, metals, and symbols in resin, we can create..

$18.44 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Aventurine

A simple and elegant polished Aventurine on black cording. 1.75". Aventurine is your spring gem for ..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Lapis Lazuli

A simple and elegant polished Lapis Lazuli on black cording. 1.75". Lapis Lazuli is an ancient gem, ..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a stone for activating love energies in oneself and others. It is said to clear and..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Rose Quartz

A simple and elegant polished Rose Quartz on black cording. 1.75". Rose Quartz is a stone of uncondi..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Ruby Zoisite

Ruby in Zoisite offers the energy of happiness, appreciation, abundance, vitality and growth. It s..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Sodalite

A simple and elegant polished Sodalite on black cording. 1.75". Sodalite: Said to be effective in bl..

$7.99 US

Oval Stone Pendant: Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye (Golden) is closely attuned to earth energies, but the shimmering, eye-catching yellow..

$7.99 US

Pagan Festivals Zodiac Pendant

This beautiful, unique pendant is crafted of high quality .925 sterling silver with genuine gemstone..

$73.87 US

Pendulum Necklace: Amethyst

This lovely necklace has a silver toned chain embellished with assorted gemstone beads and a pendant..

$14.42 US

Peridot Moon Goddess Pendant, Sterling

A depiction of the Moon Goddess in sterling silver, holding up a faceted Peridot crystal within a Tr..

$39.33 US

Pink Tourmaline Pendant, Sterling

These pink tourmaline pendants have such soft, soothing energy.  Pink tourmaline is the embodim..

$36.11 US

Quantum Energy Necklace

Years of scientific research in scalar energy eventually led to the development of the scalar ener..

$18.44 US

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