Crystal Pendants

Crystal Pendants

We carry a very unique assortment of crystal & gemstone pendants.  If there's something special you're looking for and you don't see it here, send us an email and we will do our best to source it for you. 

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Aqua Aura Crystal Pendant

This naturally shaped aura quartz crystal point is drilled and ready to add to a necklace or dream c..

$10.80 US

Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant

Beautiful Reiki Energy Charged Archangel Gabriel Orgone Pendant. Each Hand Crafted Crystal Pendant i..

$11.64 US

Assorted Druzy Crystal Pendants, Select Yours

This collection of Druzy crystal pendants is stunning. We have two varieties and price points. The g..

$16.64 US

Aventurine Medallion

This gorgeous piece if grade A Aventurine is set in sterling silver. When held to the light, the lig..

$66.69 US

Baltic Amber Necklace

Amber is warming, calming, and grounding.  It is ancient tree sap which helps us connect to tre..

$12.47 US

Black Jasper Raven Pendant, Sterling

Let the mystic raven guide your way with this new sterling silver and Black Jasper pendant. An exclu..

$54.17 US

Black Obsidian Point Pendant

This black natural glass has been formed from the rapid cooling of lava. Because it is easily splint..

$11.64 US

Black Tourmaline In Quartz Teardrop Pendant

These beautiful natural Black Tourmaline in Quartz teardrop shaped pendants are set in an electropla..

$11.64 US

Bloodstone Pendant, Wide Cut

A high quality Bloodstone pendant, in a wide cut style, set in sterling silver.Bloodstone is the go-..

$30.82 US

Blue Aragonite Pendant, DT

Double terminated (DT) points have been drilled to wear as pendants, and come with a black jewellery..

$18.31 US

Blue Topaz Heart Pendant

Blue is one of the many forms of natural topaz. It is a complex aluminum silicate found in the north..

$12.47 US

Celtic Moon Pendant, Sterling

Sterling silver Celtic Moon pendant with Labradorite. Crafted by a skilled jewelry maker in the..

$33.36 US

Celtic Trinity Moonstone Pendant

A beautiful Rainbow Moonstone set in sterling silver with Celtic trinity knotwork design. Approximat..

$36.66 US

Chakra Orgonite Pendant

This beautiful handmade Orgonite pendant features genuine gemstones inside, embedded into the resin...

$13.30 US

Chakra Wrapped Tree Crystal Pendant

These unique Chakra wire wrapped Tree of Life crystal pendants measure 2.5" from the top of the bail..

$14.14 US

Citrine Polished Point Pendant

This citrine, is a heat treated amethyst, an affordable alternative to natural citrine which is rela..

$15.81 US

Crackle Quartz Heart Pendant

Pure Quartz is composed of silicon dioxide and forms six sided crystals. The master stone, once thou..

$16.64 US

Crescent Moon Goddess Necklace

Another unique design from a very talented jewellery designer. Now two pieces are ever the same in h..

$60.01 US

Dream Angel Pendant, Sterling, Moonstone

The Angelic Bringer of Healing Dreams in sterling silver Moonstone 1.5" high.Symbolism and Meaning o..

$45.00 US

Druze Agate Pendant 1

This unique Agate Druze crystal pendant features two sides of amazing patterns, colors, and textures..

$16.64 US

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