Crystal Pendants

Crystal Pendants

We carry a very unique assortment of crystal & gemstone pendants.  If there's something special you're looking for and you don't see it here, send us an email and we will do our best to source it for you. 

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Teardrop Pendant: Quartz Crystal

Teardrops carry great meaning for many, whether for blissful happiness, a sad memory, or in remembra..

$11.25 US

Golden Rutilated Quartz Teardrop Pendant

These beautiful natural Golden Rutilated Quartz teardrop shaped pendants are set in an electroplat..

$14.26 US

Abundance Goddess Pendant, Moonstone

A pregnant sterling silver mother goddess-fertility goddess figure, she cradles, nurtures and cher..

$54.13 US

Amazonite Perfume Bottle Necklace

Fill this glimmering stone pendant with a favourite scent and apply perfume or essential oil blend..

$28.55 US

Amazonite Point Pendant

Amazonite - the most popular gemstone of the potassium aluminum silicates. Generally pale aqua, othe..

$10.49 US

Amazonite Tumble Pendant

A beautiful smooth tumbled Amazonite set in electroplated silver. Approximately 1.5".  Chains s..

$6.73 US

Amethyst Agate Slice Pendant

Each pendant graduates from agate to amethyst crystals and the combination on each one is complete..

$13.50 US

Amethyst Angel Pendant

A beautiful carved and polished Amethyst Angel pendant. Approximately 1".Amethyst is a meditation ge..

$27.05 US

Amethyst Butterfly Tree Pendant

This stunning pendant features a wire wrapped/twisted tree with genuine Amethyst crystal beads as th..

$13.50 US

Amethyst Cluster Hoop Earrings

These earrings consist of natural Amethyst crystal clusters, electroplated and affixed to a bale wit..

$20.27 US

Amethyst Crystal Drilled Pendant

Double terminated points have been drilled and come with a black jewellery cord. Drilled jewellery p..

$18.77 US

Amethyst Crystal Drilled Pendant, Natural

These natural Amethyst points are drilled and ready to add to a necklace or crafting project.Amethys..

$7.15 US

Amethyst Gem Heart Pendant

These shiny polished genuine Amethyst heart pendants are each so beautiful and unique.  The Wor..

$15.01 US

Amethyst Merkaba Pendant

This shape amplifies the beauty of this amethyst from Brazil. In Ancient Egypt, the Mer-Ka-Ba was th..

$10.49 US

Amethyst Owl Pendant, Sterling

The Owl Pendant, handmade in sterling silver and adorned with a gorgeous high quality Amethyst cryst..

$41.34 US

Amethyst Perfume Bottle Necklace

Fill this glimmering stone pendant with a favourite scent and apply perfume or essential oil blend..

$27.80 US

Amethyst Point Pendant

A faceted and polished amethyst point has been cut to size and attached on to a bale. Amethyst is t..

$14.26 US

Amethyst Point Pendant, Sterling

This is a GRADE A quality Amethyst gem point set in sterling silver.Amethyst is a gem for meditation..

$32.31 US

Amethyst Polished Point Pendant

Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz crystal composed of silicon dioxide with traces of iron. As..

$12.75 US

Amethyst Triple Moon Pendant, Sterling

This beautiful pendant features a grade A quality purple Amethyst that is absolutely brilliant. When..

$45.10 US

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