Natural Citrine Freeform Pendant

Natural Citrine Freeform Pendant

A piece of natural citrine crystal has been highly polished to reveal the natural beauty of this sought after crystal. The bale is attached directly into the crystal. Approx. 20 - 30 mm length

Natural citrine is relatively rare. It shows a range of translucent colors from sunny yellow to brown. This is the natural, untreated version of citrine.

Citrine is considered the "merchant stone" due to it's ability to promote abundance, creativity and power. It also stimulates the crown chakra and is therefore helpful in stimulating the mind. It also helps align the chakras and balances energy.

Note: No two pendants will ever look quite the same. They are all unique, like us! These pendants vary in shape and size. Some are longer and more narrow, some are wider and not as long. Trust is when we say this Citrine is beautiful, and we're sure you'll love the pendant we choose for you.

Your pendant will arrive with black jewellery cording. We also sell chains in our jewellery section.

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