Larimar & Ruby Pendant

Larimar & Ruby Pendant

These rare gorgeous pieces of Larimar have been polished and set in sterling silver with small Ruby cabochons at the top.  Each pendant varies slightly in length and width but are approximately 1.25" long.  We will include jewelry cording and a gift pouch for giving. Sold in singles.  Image shows variations to expect.

Larimar: brings us a sense of Sea, and deep waters where dolphins reside.  It carries with it energy of Ancient Atlantis, and thus holds healing properties beyond common understanding.  Larimar is sacred, and is becoming more rare with each passing day as people discover it's healing properties and connection to the lost city of Atlantis. 

Ruby: a stone of passion, courage, love, fertility, birth stone for July.  A power stone which helps us see through lies and find the truth.  This stone is great to have on hand when extra courage and motivation is needed.  Helps us stand up for ourselves and our beliefs.

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