Faceted Oval Gem Pendant: Red Tiger Eye

Faceted Oval Gem Pendant: Red Tiger Eye

The modern gleam of these simple yet bold faceted stone pendants are the the perfect finishing touch to complement every look. .925 sterling silver bale.

Red Tiger Eye is closely related to the well known golden coloured tigers eye. During the formation of tigereye, the bluish-gray mineral crocidolite is replaced by quartz while its fibrous structure is preserved. These newly created fibres produce the shimmering eye-like nature, known as chattoyancy.

Red Tiger Eye is becoming increasingly harder to find.  It is a stone of clarity, allowing the one to whom it is attracted to see things as they are, unobscured by illusion. It is known to increase psychic perception and balance brain hemisphere's as it grounds this gift with earth energies. It is a stone of practicality, helping one to differentiate between needs and desires and directing focus to the attainment of the basics first.

Approx. 12 mm width x 16 mm length. A very dainty, small and subtle pendant.

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